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Celebrate Your Daughter’s Birthday with Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 9 Oct 01:54 , 0 comments

When it comes to a birthday celebration, several aspects need to be considered as food, decorations, and snacks. But a nicely decorated cake is the major aspect that dominates the scene. A cake topper is something on which all eyes are set whenever a cake enters the scene.

A lovely cake topper keeps all eyes hooked to it. Hence a little decoration work can be compromised with. So, if you are hosting a birthday party for your little one, then Shopkins birthday cake topper will do a perfect justice.

Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper

  • Shopkins birthday cake topper when popped on top of a freshly frosted cake gives a fantastic look to the cake. Buy shopkins cake topper for your little girl’s birthday and see the delight on her face. Further, the Shopkins toys are immensely popular amongst the kids. Hence it will create a fun-filled aura, and the munchkins will have a gala time.

Reasons why Shopkins cake topper manufactured by EPOC are immensely popular:

  • Makes the party a gala event:

The Shopkins cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are filled with vibrant color that can lift the mood of any party. It can bring a huge celebratory mood for the parties. Kids are fond of colors and seeing a cake decorated with shopkins cake topper will fill them with immense joy and happiness. The little ones will be waiting for the moment to grab a bite of the stunning cake.

  • Edible:

The cake topper is edible and is free from any Kosher and Allergen. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing the cake topper are approved by the FDA.

  • Affordable:

The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are quite affordable. They come with a shelf-life of twelve months. But the condition remains it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.

  • Personalization:

The Shopkins cake toppers manufactured by EPOC come with an element of personalization. You can quote any message for your little darling on the topper, and it will come crisply and clearly. All you have to do is visit our site online and quote the message you want on the topper.

  • Easy to Apply:

The Shopkins cupcake toppers are extremely easy to apply. All you have to do is peel off the backing layer of the frosting sheet and lay it gently on top of the cupcake.

  • Treat to eyes:

The Shopkins cake and cupcake toppers are absolute treats to eyes. It keeps the guests hooked to it.


No matter what kind of topper you are looking for, you will find almost any varieties of topper at our store. Further, the cake and cupcake topper manufactured by EPOC taste delectable and serves almost anyone’s palate.

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Shopkins Cupcake Topper - Add It to Get the Best Toppers for the Kiddo’s Birthday Bash Posted on 10 Oct 05:55 , 0 comments

Check out Shopkins cupcake topper at Edible Prints On Cake! Know the way to make it right with our amazing offerings. It’s easy to use and taste awesome.   

Choose Shopkins Cupcake Topper to Serve the Kids Delectable Cupcakes Posted on 3 Jul 09:34 , 0 comments

Kids drool over cupcakes and the best you can do to entice them more enticing is top it up with Shopkins. Serving Shopkins cupcake topper to your little ones will make indeed make them happy. Undoubtedly they will relish it with a lot of excitement and joy.  

Whether you planning a birthday party, kids party or any other occasion where kids are involved, having Shopkins cupcake topper will surely make the occasion even more special.  

shopkins cupcake topper

Shopkins is a range of tiny and collectible toys and enjoys a tremendous popularity among kids. One can easily find a wide range of things inspired by Shopkins for children amusement and the idea of Shopkin cupcake topper is just an addition to the long list of things dedicated to this extremely loved toy.

With Shopkins cake and cupcake toppers, discover the cute world of Shopkins and bring the fun adventure alive. It’s fun and it’s an up-to-date cupcake idea which can only enhance the allure of the cupcakes for little ones.

Here’s presenting a few important ways to add Shopkins in your cupcake:  

#1. Explore online offerings

Online space is filled with a lot of options for cake and cupcake lovers. If you want to try out something extraordinarily amazing like Shopkins cupcake toppers, you must take a look at the offerings available online. You will surely love to have them for your munchkin. At Edible Prints On Cake, we stock up some excellent cupcake toppers based in different themes and ideas. Needless to add, Shopkins is one of our finest offerings and if you are truly looking for the best kinds, rest assured to find them in our collection.

#2. Take your pick

You need to decide on your choice of toppers. Make sure to convey your specifications to get a completely personalized cupcake topper. There are several awesome designs which can be topped on your cupcakes. If you want to go with any of them, you can let us know and get your cupcakes exactly the way you want them. We at Edible Prints On Cake assure the precise impression of your predilection. With Shopkins cupcake toppers you can easily add that extra zing in your cake and make it appealing for one and all.

#3. Great range of Shopkins toppers

There are many kinds of Shopkins toppers available. You need to decide the kind you want based on the occasion. If it is your kiddo’s birthday bash and you want a perfect birthday cake topper; there is nothing better than Shopkins cupcake toppers indeed.  

Edible Prints On Cake bring an amazing range of cake and cupcake toppers. You will indeed love what we offer you. Check out our collection and shop.

Shopkins Cupcake Topper - The Best Decorative Cupcakes Posted on 25 May 02:27 , 0 comments

Nobody can negate that Shopkins is one of the most exciting party themes right now. There is hardly anyone who will detest the idea of Shopkins. So, if your little one too is a big fan of the Shopkin cupcake topper and insisting you to organize a Shopkins birthday party for her; your hunt for the most amazing Shopkins cupcake end here with Edible Prints On Cake. We assure to offer the best designs and make your little one’s Shopkins birthday bash an absolute blast.

shopkins cupcake topper

Kids find Shopkins extremely incredible because the characters are undoubtedly adorable and fun. While they look like ordinary items with faces, kids from all over the world simply can’t get enough of them. And that is precisely the reason behind its popularity and allure. Indeed Shopkins cupcake topper is the perfect option for birthday parties. By having Shopkins-inspired birthday party for your kiddie, you can beautifully add that spark to the occasion and make your little one’s birthday celebration even more special.

At Edible Prints On Cake, we have wide-ranging Shopkins cupcake toppers, which dive the birthday celebrant and guests into the world of Shopville and induces a gala time for them.

A personalized idea

With Shopkins cupcake topper, you can have a personalized birthday cupcake that will delight everyone with its awesome look and delicious taste. It makes for a unique birthday cupcake idea and is an extremely delectable choice to go with. Easy to use, the idea of Shopkins cupcake toppers will surely be relished by everyone at the party.  With Shopkins cupcake toppers, rest assured your munchkin’s birthday will surely turn out to be a rocking affair.

A relatable and joyous cupcake decor

 Shopkins cupcake topper will help your little guests to relate to them and enjoy having them even in a great way. Kids generally look forward to eating the delectable birthday cakes and you can’t make them happier by serving Shopkins cupcake toppers. It will instantly impress the little ones and you can’t be happier to see the kids relishing the cupcake with such enjoyment.

A fun-filled and brightening vision 

With Shopkins cupcake and cake toppers, you can ensure to get a fun cake decor which will be able to create the right noise. When you have children as guests, the focus naturally will be on the cake, thus having something as amazing as Shopkins will surely turn out to be a great choice to enhance the celebration.

Now you know why Shopkins cupcake toppers are so much loved and in –demand; so, what are you waiting for? Choose the best from Edible Prints On Cake and have the most unique and delicious Shopkins cupcakes. Hurry up and order now!

Shopkins Cupcake Topper – A Great Alternative to Traditional Cake Designs Posted on 17 Nov 03:00 , 0 comments

Birthday cake toppers easily becomes the highlight of the party and is therefore should indeed be a thoughtful one. They add a special sweetness and charm to the cake which gets it a delectable view. Shopkins cupcake topper is probably the most delicious addition which can make the guests relish to the heart’s content.

There are a myriad of choices available and it could be a little daunting to settle over a certain kind when the occasion is as special as your little one’s birthday.  Undoubtedly you would be wishing to find the best cake or cupcake toppers for the event and Shopkins cupcake topper certainly can satisfy your need with its hues, taste and design in the best possible manner.

When it comes to Shopkins cupcake topper, it reflects a wonderful image of colours which could brighten up the whole birthday fervour. All you need to have is the right finesse and quality.

The reason to pick Shopkins cupcake topper:   

  • 1) High on creativity - Creativity is the focal point of Shopkins cupcake topper and it has that extra-craftiness which makes it simply gorgeous. Birthday parties are all about treating the near and dear ones with a sumptuous meal and mouth-watering birthday cake. Needless to add Shopkins cupcake toppers are just the right one to offer a heavenly taste to the guests.  Made with a lot of fine details of ingredients. This particular topper thrives on for its amazingly attractive features.   
  • 2) Leaves a sweet & simple impression - Shopkins cupcake topper has an extremely vibrant appeal which makes it eye-catching.  The designs are subtle and simple with a tinge of fun and sweetness due to which it connects with the little ones.  It is not an exceptionally convoluted topper and that is what actually attributes to its popularity. Kids do not appreciate the over-the-top decor and they always prefer the subtle and comprehensive designs which Shopkins toppers rightly justify. 
  • 3) An affordable addition - Shopkins cupcake toppers are incredibly striking and can smoothly slip within your budget. No doubt it is known as an extremely fancy topper and thus is quite obvious to expect it to be a costly affair. Nevertheless its beauty and charisma purely justifies the price that it comes with.  So, if you are looking to add some pizzazz to your kid’s birthday bash, you can have this awesome cake topper to complement the occasion in the most satisfying manner. 
  • 4) A perfect idea - Shopkins toppers are exquisitely unique and have an amazing allure to steal the show.  Indeed it’s a brilliant idea to cash on if you are thinking to bring in a cake that could show the beautiful blend of grandiose and minimalism in the cutest form. 
  • 5) Flaunt uniqueness – One of the best aspects about Shopkins cupcake toppers are they have a certain distinctive feature which makes them stand out among the random and ordinary kinds. So, give your birthday fervour a boost by adding the inimitable shopkins cupcake toppers. 
  • 6) Available in varied size & shape - Shopkins cupcake topper is available in diversified shapes and sizes and can spread its lure right the moment it strode to the center.

Can’t contain your excitement to have this amazing shopkins cupcake topper for your tot’s birthday bash? Trust Edible Prints On Cake to do wonders!

How Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper Topple Over All Other Birthday Cake Ideas Posted on 21 Jul 06:19 , 0 comments

Are you eagerly waiting to celebrate the birthday of your little angel? Some of the most important features that are ought to be a part of the birthday parties are cakes, balloons, decorations and of course delicious food. But surely cakes are the foremost part and that is something cannot be imagined to be compromised with, even though a little casual about decoration could still be adjusted to an extent but when it comes to cakes, it just has to be the best.

shopkins birthday cake topper

You can surely find a lot of great ideas for birthday cakes but nothing can beat Shopkins birthday cake topper. Your girl would definitely beam from ear to ear when she would see the cake right in front. It’s obvious that girls love that colorful and funky stuff which exude a connected feel. And truth be told Shopkins cupcake topper is a great choice for your little princess’s birthday party as it has got that effect which could instantly please your daughter’s eyes.

At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide a wide range of cakes. But Shopkins cupcake topper is one of our best offerings. Rest assured the taste and vision of our Shopkins birthday cake topper would topple over every other kind of cake that you may think of.

Take a look at some of the best facets of Shopkins birthday cake topper:

1)  Express the festive vibe - Shopkins cupcake topper is a great pick if you want to add that sparkling effect in the party. The tiny tots usually get attracted to brightness and as far as Shopkins birthday cake topper is concerned, you would find ample of color and festive vibe in it. At Edible Prints On Cake, we make it the best way possible and hence the doubt over it can be put to rest for once and all.

2) Delicious to taste - Cakes are mostly loved by all, irrespective of the age group. If you are looking for a sure-shot delectable taste in your daughter’s birthday cake, rest assured to find that in the Shopkins cupcake topper. This cake can impress the palate of mostly everyone; especially the kids are definitely going to love the taste of it the most.

3) A treat for eyes - Shopkins cupcake topper looks exquisitely fabulous and can make everyone hooked to it. A good looking cake or cake toppers always carry the impression of being tasty. Therefore when you decide to have a cake for your daughter’s birthday, make sure to zero in on it since no other kind can create that easy effect which it can. Shopkins cake toppers are truly amazing to look at.  

4)  Safe to eat - It’s important to check the quality of the cake.  With Shopkins birthday cake topper, you can take this guarantee of it being 100% allergen free and FDA approved. Edible Prints On Cake is one of the most credible and reliable providers for cake toppers. We are extremely conscious of what we offer. When you plan to order your Shopkins birthday cake topper from us, the worry and anxieties can be put to rest since we are quite responsible about what we add in our cake toppers.  

Can’t contain your excitement to have Shopkins birthday cake topper? Order now and get the best birthday cake for your princess birthday party 

Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper - The Perfect Birthday Cake to Have for Your Little Girl Posted on 26 May 10:09 , 0 comments

Cake toppers are surely the primary features of the cake as it is in fact the first thing that one notices when a cake makes an entry into the scene. It is but natural that having a one-of-a-kind design can easily draw attention and create a desirable impact. Thus, if you are prepping up to host a birthday party for your little one, Shopkins birthday cake topper can fully do justice to your idea of having a unique and attractive cake.  

shopkins birthday cake topper

A search on your part may take you through a myriad of cake topper options; however there is a few which could actually exude the feel of the best. If you are interested to grab the best and nothing short of it, Shopkins cupcake topper is certainly the one to go with.  

Wonder what makes Shopkins birthday cake topper the finest of them all!! Read on!

  • Brighten Up the Party with Its Hues -

    Shopkins birthday cake topper is filled with a lot of amazing colors and thus can bring in the huge celebratory mood to the event. No doubt, kids are fond of colors and witnessing the Shopkins birthday cupcake topper can effortlessly evoke a sense of joy in them. A brightening cake topper can instantly be able lure the munchkins present in the party and make them have happily chomping it off.

  • A Delectable Taste -

    Taste factor matters the most and with Shopkins birthday cake topper, you can be completely assured about this. Basically this particular cake topper goes well with various flavors and can offer your tongue a heavenly feel with its taste.  

  • A Fun Themed Treat -

    When it comes to Shopkins cupcake topper, it can uplift the party mood of kids and make them have a fun-filled time. You may have a delicious spread in menu; nevertheless a lack of taste in cake can simply ruin the whole feel of the party.  The fact is cakes are the most loved part of the birthday celebrations and if you are willing to create the right kind of vibe with it, you can do it so with the Shopkins toppers.

  • FDA Approved and Allergen Free -  

    Shopkins cupcake topper is one of those kinds which is FDA approved and are allergen free to have. Thus, it is perfectly fit to serve the little ones and rest assured kids would simply love to munch it.             

  • A Quality Affair -

    Quality is the big factor and it should not be turned a blind eye to when you order a birthday cake for your little girl. Themes sometimes do not have to do with the quality aspect. To be precise, when you decide to have Shopkins birthday cake topper, do not just assume to get the best by opting for any random professional. It is important to get the help of a reliable professional who can actually guarantee you the absolute finesse of Shopkins birthday cake topper.

  • An Affordable Pick -

    Shopkins birthday cake toppers are an affordable pick and that makes it a lot more exciting to have. The fact that it has the attraction to allure your guests with its vision and taste that too in a pocket friendly budget is indeed a great idea.

Are you eager to infuse some dazzling colors into the vibe of the birthday party of your little angel, Shopkins birthday cake toppers are the best to zero in on.



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