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Birthdays are special. We still remember how special our parents used to make us feel about our birthdays. The pomp and show organized by our parents by saving something on the month’s end and all the merrymaking together. Our parents still surprise us in many ways on our birthdays. So now when our parents have turned older, and we are no more kids, why not make their birthdays special. So if it is your father’s birthday and you want to make it a gala event. You simply cannot miss the cake.

A nicely decorated cake of your dad’s favorite theme will make him feel special. Some wall decoration and soothing music along with the cake can make a simple party a festive occasion.

The current trends on cakes which you would like to explore are the printed cake images.

Edible Prints On Cake are now selling cake toppers with dozens of different themes. Pick up one of your father’s choice. Printed cake images are immensely popular due to their ability to add a personalized touch.

Why prefer EPOC for choosing Printed Cake Images?

• Edible: All the toppers sold by EPOC are safe for consumption. The topper uses frosting sheet for printing the image which is free from Kosher and any allergen. The ink used for printing the image is also edible and approved by FDA.

• Treat to Eyes: The toppers are an absolute treat to eyes and look mouth-watering. EPOC has a wide variety of designs of cake toppers. The toppers form the center of attraction and keep everyone’s eyes hooked to it.

• Available in different sizes: The toppers come in different sizes and also could be cut into different shapes fitting into the requirement of the cake type and sizes.

• A wide variety of themes: The toppers manufactured by EPOC come in wide range or variety and suiting different themes. EPOC manufactures cake toppers for birthdays, anniversaries, business inaugurations, etc.

• Economical: The cake toppers sold by EPOC are quite economical as it comes with a shelf-life of twelve months. But the condition applies it should be stored in a tamper-proof away from direct heat and light.

• Applying the cake topper: The cake topper can be applied to any cake, but one with fondant and freshly frosted ones are the best. Gently peel off the backing of the frosted sheet and lay it gently on the freshly frosted cake.

Tips and tricks:

• Generally, all toppers sold by EPOC come with a shelf life of twelve months if stored properly. But suppose on exposure to air if it turns brittle, brings back to normal by blowing the back side of the frosting sheet with a blow dryer. Leave it for some time and apply it on a freshly frosted cake.

• Never refrigerate the cake upon which you will apply the printed topper and if you have done so, keep it outside at room temperature for some time. Else it will lead to the formation of misty dew drops on the cake topper.


EPOC has a wide variety of printed cake images to suit any celebration. It is high on trend nowadays as an element of cake decoration being simple and easy to apply and handle. Unlike the cakes with heavy icing that are difficult and messy to handle.

Printed Cake Image – 5 Easy Tips to Rock Your Party Posted on 8 May 04:01 , 0 comments

Printed cake image has emerged as one of the most popular options for enhancing the cake’s allure. It is seen in most of the social events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and business inaugurations; making it dominates the party scene and important occasions with all its glory.  

printed cake image

Making cakes with edible images have surely turned out to be an easy choice, for it is done in a minute and wouldn’t require you to follow an elaborate process. Going by the fact, everyone is so busy and occupied in their lives; investing time in preparation of cake decor will not be feasible enough, thus making printed cake image an ideal selection.  

With printed edible cake images; cake decor has certainly witnessed a tremendous evolution and has paved the way for many amazing designs that one’s imagination can stretch.

Earlier cakes decorated with printed cake image were only used by high-end bakeries, however, now it is convenient finding them online. You can create cakes by ordering these sheets online and use any image on your cake.

Here’s presenting some essential tips for having it easy with the edible images for cakes.

Creative uses

Printed cake image can be used in a lot of different ways. You can infuse all your possible imaginary designs and make it the way you want. All you need to do is to peel off the backing from the topper and apply it on the top of the cake. Edible cake toppers are the best creative expression that you can think of having for your cake, hence you should make it a creatively compelling vision and do the best you can with your cake decor. Being one of the best edible cake toppers online providers; we at Edible Prints On Cake offer wide-ranging printed cake images that will surely effortlessly give you a desirable cake design.    

Learn and practice

In order to craft printed cake image; you do not need to invest in any specialty material to master the technique. Simply learn and practice it a bit to do it the right way. You can take the help of some edible cake topper video tutorials to get it done in a perfect manner. Anyways our edible cake images are pretty easy to use thus you have no reason to be daunted while making use of our printed cake images.  

Current trend Vs. classics

With printed cake images, you have the opportunity to choose between the latest designs that are on trend or for that matter the ones that have been there forever always thriving on their consistent relevance. They all come in various, size, shape, and dimensions. And at Edible Prints On Cake, we indeed provide the best.

Opt for a lovely theme

A good theme can never let things go awry for you. Simply go by the conviction and exactly follow your vision. You will surely see the reflection you want to see with ease. Your cake decor will be the finest impression of absolute charisma. Our collection will definitely help you achieve exactly what you are looking for. 

Order from a reliable platform

It is important to order printed cake images from the right place. You can explore our collection at Edible Prints On Cake and take your pick. Rest assured you will love to see the best in our offerings. 

Using edible cake images will certainly add a special touch to your special occasion. Check out Edible Prints On Cake and shop the best of the lot. You will indeed have the combination of unique and attractive cake decor.  


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Need an awesome personalized cake decor? The idea of having printed cake image can turn out to be the best. At Edible Prints On Cake, we have a wide range of edible images for almost every occasion. Birthday is all about making merry, gobbling up delicious food and binging on the delectable cake. Cake surely has its own place and no other aspect of celebration can take it away.  

Whether the celebrant is a 5 yr old or a 50 yr old, you can choose to personalize an adorable printed cake image and make the birthday boy/girl feel special. It is all about making an appreciable gesture and with a birthday decor such as printed cake image, this shall just be the easiest way to do so.

Printing edible images for cakes has sort of become a trend and can be found in most social events like weddings, children parties, anniversaries and business inauguration and of course birthdays.

These days’ birthday cakes are all about unique and attractive decorations. And with printed cake image, this could be achieved in no time.

Here’s why you should have it for your special occasion:

Add a personal touch

Cake with printed images exudes more of a personal touch and shows off the effort, dedication and emotion that went behind it. These kind of custom cakes tend to give the impression of love and care and instantly create a happy atmosphere with an added charm. Nothing can be more amazing than springing a surprise of a birthday cake that please the eyes and touch hearts. At Edible Prints On Cake you can indeed find the finest kinds of printed images to fulfil the demand of the occasion.  We ensure absolute quality and add perfect finesse into the cake design.

Easy to craft

Adding the edible printed images in cake can give it a fun vibe. The whole process of putting toppers on the cake looks like a sheer breeze. The best part is you can even involve the kids to design the cake and make it an enjoyable affair for them. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide an absolute professional service which means we create the cake of an impressionable image in an instance.    

Budget-friendly selection

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of printed cake images lies in its affordable budget. A pricey cost often discourage people to try a new and better option but the fact that edible printed images are an affordable selection, you can simply have this incredible cake decor without  thinking about the cost factor at all. We at Edible Prints On Cake provide the most awesome designs that too at a pretty reasonable price so when you think of having one for a special occasion, you can trust us to serve you the best.

A stunning vision

Cake naturally attracts the attention of everyone and when decides to opt for printed cake image, there is always this assurance of having an appealing design. A cake that looks good and taste well is the ultimate demand and at Edible Prints On Cake, you can certainly achieve this with ease.

Choose printed cake images from Edible Prints On Cake and add a palpable charm to the special occasion.  Rest assured we add a lot to the cake with our awesome edible printed images and offer the most amazing cake decor that you can ask for.  

Printed Cake Image - Check Out It’s Numerous Benefits Posted on 19 Jan 00:22 , 0 comments

Cakes undoubtedly are the most alluring part of the birthday parties. And organizing a grand birthday bash naturally demands the presence of a delicious cake, beautiful decoration, and a delectable spread in menu. But of course undeniably, cake hogs the limelight like no other. Considering printed cake image is trending big time in birthdays, having it would be a perfect fit to cherish the special occasion of your special one.

Printed cake images gives away a glimpse of an extravagance, uniqueness and a personalized affair which basically make it the desirable choice for many looking for an extraordinarily delicious and attractive looking cake topper.

At Edible Prints On Cake, we have a wide range of cake toppers available, having which can indeed infuse a sense of extreme charm to the occasion. Following are some of the finest reasons to choose printed cake image for birthday parties.

printed cake images

  • A personalized affair – Birthdays are an extremely special occasion and it gives an opportunity to celebrate big.  Thus, the integration of a one-of-a-kind cake topper could just be the best you can do to add a tinge of fun in the vibe. A customized printed cake image would instantly draw attention of one and all thereby making it a highlight of the party. At Edible Prints On Cake, though we provide a variety of cake toppers, but when it comes to customization, we as well can do it in an incredible manner. Rest assured we take care of each specification to deliver a cake that aligns completely with your vision.
  • Display of idea - With Printed cake image, you can display the idea of your preferred cake design. A unique and beautifully designed cake will look pleasing to the eye and moreover it gives an opportunity to exhibit the creativity that a printed cake image can exude. No matter what your idea of cake design is, with the help of professionals you can achieve it to perfection. Trust Edible Prints On Cake to do it for you.
  • A distinctive effect – There are numerous party ideas and themes which people opt for and with printed cake image, there will be endless options for you to try out. No matter whichever birthday theme it is; a printed cake image complementing the theme can easily be created. So, when you decide to have a cake design that takes the birthday fervour to several notches higher, you surely can’t find a better choice than printed cake image by Airport ASAP.
  • Budget-friendly choices - With Edible prints On Cake, you surely can come across the finest collection of printed cake image that too at an affordable cost. In fact your demand for customization can well be done at a pretty reasonable price especially as compared to the quotes offered by other providers.
  • Add fun & Opulence - The reason for having printed cake image could well be the excitement of adding a fun vibe along with the impression of sumptuousness. We at Edible Prints On Cake ensure to incorporate everything that can create the right impact.

The above-mentioned pointers are a few best reasons to pick printed cake images. With the use of right flavour, design and finesse, we at Edible Prints On Cake can indeed deliver you the most delectable birthday cake ever.



Printed Cake Image – A Thoughtful Idea to Add Fun and Opulence in Your Kids’ Birthday Posted on 22 Dec 02:26 , 0 comments

The allure of printed cake image is unmatchable by any other kind of a cake.  It’s different, contemporary, trendy and relevant with a tinge of fun and amusement.  So, if you are all set to ring in your little one’s birthday, you can add the perfect highlight to the bash with the inclusion of a fun ‘n’ frolic edible printed cake image.

 Kids have their own favourite characters who they like to see in their birthday cake.  So, you can always take their choices into consideration and offer them the pleasure to cut a desirable cake.  Frankly there is no dearth to the printed cake image designs hence you can easily come across a myriad of types but it’s all about picking the perfect one which can bring a smile to your kiddo’s face.  At Edible Prints On Cake, we have the collection of impeccable designs that are ultimate in quality and taste.  

Here we touch upon a few key aspects which can help you zero in on the best printed cake design: 

  • 1) Check Out The Variety - When look for the printed cake image, make sure your selection should be of top-notch standard. Search for the platform where you could find endless variety in designs and themes so that it would be easy for you to make the right choice.  It makes absolutely no sense in settling on a particular idea simply due to the lack of preference. Hence it is important to select a professional supplier of printed cake image which you can rely on to provide the varied themes and designs.  Rest assured at Edible Prints On Cake, we have a splendid collection of ideas which indeed can add a lot to your kid’s birthday bash
  • 2) Easy to Customize -  The desire for personalization come to the fore when one aspire to give the birthday cake a slight spin of exclusivity and at Edible Prints On Cake, customized printed cake designs are the ideal way to do it so. Whether you want to make the little one feel special with the  attachment of an image of family or a candid moment or for that matter a special cartoon/character  on the cake, these can all be done by Edible Prints On Cake in the most precise and accurate manner. 
  • 3) Funky ideas - The key is to not always go by the current “popular choice” and rather have something that could push the bar and turns out to be a trendsetter in itself.  You may come up with your own quirky and out-of-the-box ideas or else you could ask the professional to help you with suggestion.  A good and versatile professional platform will have the unlimited selection for you which can be the greatest contributor in enhancing the charm of the occasion.  So, if you are one of those people who do not want to follow the conventional choices and get something one-of-a-kind, Edible Prints On Cake can indeed is the best bet for you! 
  • 4) Available in varied sizes and shapes - At Edible Prints On Cake, we present the a wide range of shapes and sizes in printed cake images. No matter which size is it that you are looking for, there’s no doubt that you can surely find it in galore at the offerings of Edible Prints On Cake.   

The above-mentioned pointers certainly give clarity on the idea of printed cake image. So hurry up and take note to have the best one at your munchkin’s birthday party. 

Here’s Why the Printed Cake Image Makes for the Perfect Party Cakes Posted on 24 Nov 08:06 , 0 comments

No matter how much we grow in life, age and stature, we all at some point gets nostalgic about our childhood days and those special birthday celebrations that our parents used to host for us. It fills the heart with boundless joy when we remember the birthday gifts that our Mom and Dad used to bestow us with. And now, when the tables have turned and we have our little ones in our life, it is not unusual that we too want to extend the same birthday celebration pleasure to our kiddos.  Time has changed and so has the party ideas.  The traditional cakes have been replaced with the printed cake image which reflects the progressiveness of today’s party ideas.

There’s always a new theme and a new trend lurking around in the market.  But the one which has truly dominated the hearts of cake lovers are the printed cake image. A desire for uniqueness often makes people opt for this delectable cake design and needless to add indeed the kids relish it to the core!

Check out how the custom edible images for cakes successfully makes an impact:

  • 1) A unique impression – When it comes to custom edible images for cakes, they surely draw attention in the most subtle manner. You can choose a food art or edible tattoo and images and showcase a distinctive idea in a creative way. Cake toppers add a lot to the vision of the cake. Basically it is the alluring picture of the cake which the people instantly take note of. Thus, a personalized printed cake image can certainly be a good idea to go with. 
  • 2) A cool idea to make statementCustom edible images for cakes can beautifully make your feelings and emotions evident. Choose it to display the love you have for your baby. Whether you want to go with the print cake image or you simply want to add a few lines of messages, the thought can prove to be quite enticing. 

With the use of custom edible images, you can express in an amazing way. So give it a thought to create a dynamic cake design. 

  • 3) Delectable and affordable – The general perception about custom edible images are they are pricey and hence not feasible for every pocket. Whereas this is an absolutely misinformed notion. The fact is printed cake images are available in quite an affordable price and it comes in all forms which make it easy for you to even settle for something that is less convoluted and inexpensive. Needless to add, custom edible images are enticingly delectable thus spending a few extra bucks on it would hardly hurt. 
  • 4) A safe touch - When it comes to printed cake images, they can be completely trusted to be safe for consumption. There are nothing added to it which could make it toxic. So, when order for edible images for cakes, choose to do it so with utmost confidence. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add the flair of printed cake image to your little one’s birthday bash and enhance fervour of the occasion. 

Edible Cake Images - The Best Addition to Your Cake Posted on 7 Apr 10:29 , 0 comments

A well decorated and delicious cake certainly makes a lot of difference.  With edible cake images, you can be rest assured to have a cake, which would certainly create a lot of buzz for its attractiveness and uniqueness. With so many options in the market, it could be quite daunting to find the one that can truly stand out for its amazing appearance.  However, by putting in a little effort, you can surely get hold of an apt kind.

Edible cake images wouldn’t steer you wrong as they are hand sculpted to perfection. But of course, if you are one of those kinds,  who is totally fascinated with the idea of DIY, then you must remember that edible cake images is too convoluted a process to crack at home.  

edible cake images

The fact is edible cake images require too much of a detailed job and that only professionals can able to pull off.  So, take a look at the below-mentioned pointers to get an insight

A beautiful theme - With edible cake images, you can explore many incredible themes that there is. You can easily find a wide range of themes that can aptly convey the fervor of the occasion without you trying hard to make it apparent.

No doubt with the changing times, there has been a tremendous new kind of themes getting introduced all the time. Nevertheless, the old ones continue to enjoy a great popularity among the cake lovers worldwide.

Why Professionals? - Well, you may ask the question as to why should one rely on the professional bakers and refrain from trying it at home. Basically, when it comes to professionals, they know the way to whip up the type of edible cake images that can reflect finesse. DIY for edible images are quite difficult and have the vulnerability to be messed up, if not done consciously.  In short, the need to have a professional cannot be ignored.

The use of right ingredient for edible cake images plays a crucial role. You must know what ingredients to apply, where to apply and most important how to apply to bring out the best kinds.  No doubt professionals can do it a lot better than the novice or for that matter than someone who treats baking as hobby.  Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that professionals are the ideal ones to get on board rather than putting your energies into making it at home with no guarantee of a success.

Get it personalized - The best part about edible cake images are they can be customized and can be of any shape and frame that you want it to be. You do not have to set a limit for your ideas and can go on to explore your thoughts to give your cake the edible images that you fantasize about. Rest assured you can get it in its exact form without a compromise. Needless to say, an expert and experienced professional can offer you the best that you desire for. Thus, when looking for a professional to get your edible cake toppers, make sure to avoid the rush and take your time to find someone who can confidently claim to serve up the best to you.

A budget-friendly expense - If you are under the notion that edible cake images are a costly affair, you need to rethink on this one. Surely they cost a little bit more than what the usual cake would cost; nonetheless, the price factor of it varies according to the design. Basically, if you want to keep it within the range of your pocketbook, you can easily do it so.

Are you now excited to have edible cake images? Take a note of the above-mentioned pointers to get the picture-perfect one. You surely would be delighted to have the best cake to cut on your special day.

Edible Cake Images - 4 Reasons Why You Must Have Them Posted on 31 Mar 01:13 , 0 comments

In every possible occasion, cake is the first thing that everyone set their eyes on! Cakes perfectly highlight the celebration and make a perfect fit for variety of occasions like birthday, anniversary and wedding etc. with the ever-changing forms of trend in bakery world, edible cake images have managed to maintain a high sustainability in quite a popular way.  

edible cake images

Edible cake images are adorned with striking designs that effortlessly exude the taste and personality of the celebrant. Having edible image decorations can basically make your special day exciting and joyful to the best and thus is considered as the ideal pick.

You may have been good at baking cakes and could probably get the feel to rustle up a cake with edible cake images, however, remember when it comes to the edible image part, a lot of finesse and expertise is required to pull this off and frankly a DIY may just fall flat. In short, stop experimenting and rather trust a professional to deliver you the best.

Take a look at the list below:

A delightful addition - Edible cake images successfully weave their magic through the cake and make an attractive sight. A creamy and sumptuous cake looks pretty redundant without any added allure, but by choosing to have edible images, you can surely give your cake a good spin.

The fact is a special occasion truly deserves an extra attention and effort for integrating a gala vibe and with edible cake images, the grandness can be felt through the delectable taste and lovely appearance of the cake.  

An ample variety - Edible cake images are available in a wide range of variety and that could cause a little daunt and confusion as to which one to go for. Nevertheless, you should always ensure to have a cake that could complement the occasion you are celebrating. The edible images that you choose to add on the cake should be able to justify their presence in the cake and should connect well with everyone present in the party.

All you need to do is to take the right pick to avoid the conflict with the nature of the occasion and that you can only do with the right sensibility of imagination and creative instincts.  Of course, a professional is highly required to be at place to take you through the ideal kinds.

Infuse a personal touch - The best thing that you can do to enhance the aura of your cake would be to imbue a personalized touch to it. The fact is a customized cake can truly do wonders and create an impact in a lavish way. Moreover, considering there are so many varieties available in the market, the chances of spotting the similar types in every other party becomes high, which you surely wouldn’t appreciate. So, put in some effort in creating a personalized edible cake images with the assistance of a professional and see how wonderfully the cake becomes the talking point of your party.

An affordable choice - When it comes to edible cake images, generally the idea follows with a thought of it being a pricy affair. However, that’s a far cry from the truth, if you get cautious of whom you get on board for the job, you can have it in at the best price. There’s no doubt that you could come across many novice in an affordable price, but they may not give you the finesse and perfection that you so desire to see in your edible images. Therefore, when you seek out for professional assistance, make sure you prioritize quality then check out the cost factor.

Are you too excited to spread your joy with a gala party? Have edible cake images and bring in some fun element with a tinge of grandeur to your party. Your party would surely rock with what with an incredible cake taking a centre stage.

Why Image Printed Edible Cake Topper is Perfect Addition for Any Occasion Posted on 16 Jan 07:49 , 0 comments

Personalized printed cake designs are super hot right now, and can be added for absolutely any celebration. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or a home coming, printed cake image with its most trending design makes the celebration more perfect. It is the first thing that tempts you and makes you feel awestruck.

Why Image Printed Edible Cake Topper is Perfect Addition for Any Occasion

A personalized printed cake image on the cake top looks unique and beautiful. Kids are mostly fond of printed cake with image and feel delighted to have such well decorated cakes at their parties. Even, elders can add their image or message on cake top to convey their love and affection in a personalized way.

There are so many benefits of image printed cake toppers that one can think of when creating or ordering a personalized cake topper for any type of occasion. Below are some of the best and noteworthy perks that any buyer would truly appreciate:

• Perfect for any Occasion:

A lot of people struggle to find the best cake decoration for birthday, anniversaries or other celebrations. But, if you decide to go with printed cake image, then you will never run out of ideas. A beautiful and unique image printed cake toppers makes a cake stand-out to every occasion. Simply upload your own picture with a message to Edible Prints on Cake and you are all set for the party.

• A large variety of ideas and choices available:

Another most important fact to remember is that printed cake image can range of designs and prints. Cake decorators can choose from varied themes inspired from popular cartoon characters and caricatures or a message as an image. There are uncountable ideas to create excellent cakes. Let others talk about your cake decoration and design.

• Affordable price range:

Most people think that Image printed cake toppers are rare and expensive. But, these cake top designs are affordable and come within budget-friendly prices. Whether or not you have abundant resource to decorate your cake, image printed cake toppers will never burn any holes in your pocket.

If you are looking some unique cake decoration ideas to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones, then get your hands on printed cake image with message as the cake topper. Surely, you will be able to impress special person with your creativity and imagination.



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