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Celebrate your spouse’s baby shower with Edible cupcake Toppers – EPOC Posted on 20 Aug 06:59 , 0 comments

Being parents is one of the greatest couple goals. It is dreams come true for many of us. So, finally, when you are turning into parents and are ready to welcome a new life in this world. It is time to rejoice and celebrate.

Many couples throw a baby shower party to celebrate the moment.

So as you are planning a baby shower, your guests would include toddlers and their moms apart from your family members. Again like every occasion, it too demands a nicely decorated cake and cupcakes.

A nicely decorated cake with the image suiting the theme will make the occasion a memorable one.

A lot of fun games are played during a baby shower such as guessing the gender. One can fill the cupcakes with a pink or blue cream. Again paste the edible Cupcake toppers with the images of little boys or girls on the cupcakes.

Edible Cupcake Toppers

Blindfold the guests and ask them to pick up cupcakes. Then unfold them and ask to see what they choose. It will create a fun-filled aura.

Why buy cupcake toppers from EPOC?

  • Edible:

    The cake and cupcake toppers manufactured by EPOC are edible and free from Kosher and any allergen. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing the cake topper are certified by the FDA.
  • Economical:

    The cake and cupcake toppers manufactured by EPOC have a shelf life of twelve months. But the condition applies it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.
  • Easy to Apply:

    The cake and cupcake toppers are extremely easy to apply. All you have to do is peel off the backing from the sheet and lay it on top of freshly frosted or baked cake. The topper gets absorbed in the cake and cupcakes while the fascinating print remains intact.
  • Personalization:

    The cake and cupcake toppers provide with the option to add a touch of personalization to the cake. All you have to do is visit the site online and quote the message that you want to appear on the topper.
  • Customization:

    We at EPOC allow you to add a customized touch to the topper. One can even have their photos printed on the topper. All you have to do is visit our site online and email us the photo. Again you can remain to rest assured on the delivery of topper and cupcake topper of your favorite theme.

Further, we prioritize our customers and keep their photos and other details highly confidential.

  • Eye Candy:

    Almost all the cake and cupcake toppers we manufacture are a real treat to eyes. The toppers have a rich, velvety and lustrous look and keep everyone hooked to it.
  • Versatile Collection:

    EPOC manufactures a wide variety of toppers suiting to different themes and suiting everyone’s taste and preference. There is plenty of collection for both formal and informal affairs.


The toppers manufactured by EPOC are an ideal alternative to the traditional cake using heavy icing. So select among the various images available in the site or suggest your theme and we at EPOC are all set to deliver varieties of cupcake toppers.

Hurry up!

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Edible Cupcake Toppers – How to Choose the Best Cupcakes Posted on 13 Apr 01:44 , 0 comments

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love cupcakes. Cupcakes are lovely to look at and taste absolutely great. Frankly one doesn’t need an occasion to relish the taste of cupcakes, however, if there is a special occasion and you want to celebrate it with the most delicious cupcakes, surely you can rely on  Edible Prints On Cake for delivering you the most delectable kinds.

edible cupcake toppers

Whether it’s your special someone’s birthday bash or it’s your anniversary or for that matter it is a small get-together to celebrate your success in project; cupcakes will turn out to be the finest choice. In fact, it is the kids who totally adore the edible cupcake toppers, and at Edible Prints On Cake; you can find a lot of amazing options for cupcake toppers.

So, if your kiddo’s upcoming birthday bash has kept you occupied lately; let us remind you here to order edible cupcake toppers for the occasion without a doubt. This will be a great addition to all other exciting things you have planned for his/her birthday party.  

Of course, planning a kiddie’s birthday party is not a cakewalk and is in fact quite taxing; but what requires the maximum attention is the birthday cake. And if you are going with the edible cupcake toppers for the occasion, you are better even be more careful about what you choose.

Here’s presenting you some of the amazing edible cupcake topper options:

PJ Masks edible cupcake toppers

This one is extremely popular among kids and children often demand PJ Masks cake decor for their special day. If your child too is besotted by PJ Masks characters, you surely can zero in on this one. Indeed your child and his folks will love to binge on the PJ Masks cupcake toppers.

Custom edible cupcake toppers

When it comes to having something one-of-a-kind and exciting, you have the option of custom edible images for cake and cupcake toppers. Pick any story, any theme, or for that matter any idea of under the sun and turn it into your kiddo’s birthday cake or to be precise cupcake. At Edible Prints On Cake, we can capture your imagination and specification and create a cake or cupcake decor of absolutely your dreams.

Paw Patrol Girls birthday cupcake topper

As for Paw Patrol birthday cupcake is concerned; this one is ideal for your little angel’s birthday party. Your little princess will indeed love the cake decor since it looks attractive, colourful, and exude a fairy-tale vibes.

Of course, there are a lot of incredible cupcake toppers available. It’s all up to you to choose. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide widest collection of edible cupcake toppers. Explore all the options and take your pick. Rest assured, with us, you will find the most amazing cupcake toppers to relish. Order now!


Edible Cake Toppers - A Glance at the Finest Kinds Posted on 16 Feb 02:32 , 0 comments

Mulling over to have edible cake toppers decoration? Indeed the idea is striking and people of all across age have shown their fondness for the edible cake toppers. If your special someone’s birthday is just around the corner and you don’t want to go with the mundane traditional cake for the occasion, you can certainly explore the option of edible cake toppers ideas to get the best.

edible cake toppers

Birthdays are the opportunity to shower your dear one with lots of love, warmth and care. It’s a day where every near and dear one comes and wishes with a lot of affection and showers exquisite presents to make the celebrant feel special. If you are one of them who want to make your loved one joyous on his/her big day, choose edible cake toppers to and add allure to the ambience.

There are a lot of varieties available so, take your pick and spring a surprise on the birthday boy/girl. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide an array of edible cake toppers for birthdays. Needless to add, you can explore the best in our collection.

Every cake decor that’s trending has a place in our stock amidst some new and creative themes. So, when decide to have edible cake toppers, make sure to explore our offerings. It would be easy to find the best if you only see the best in the selection.  Take a look at what we offer and have the finest kind for your loved one’s birthday bash.

Here’s presenting some of the best choices for edible cake decorations:

  1. PJ Masks 1 Edible Birthday Cake Topper - Kids can’t stop gushing over it. So, if it is your little one’s birthday bash, you surely can consider this edible cake toppers to add that extra charm and fervour to the occasion. We at Edible Prints On Cake offer the perfect finesse and stay true to the decor to offer a real vibe.
  2. Florida State Seminoles Edible Birthday Cake Topper – If you folk is a fan of Florida state Seminoles, you can surprise him with a cake based on the theme. It would certainly delight him to no end. This is one of the most unique edible cake toppers for birthdays, having which can help you display your care and effort for the birthday celebrant’s choice and feelings.
  3. Vintage Dude 50th Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor – Are you all set to celebrate your dad’s 50th birthday bash? This cake would just be the perfect addition to the occasion which certainly will delight your father and make him feel good.  It’s simple and basic without any drama. The whole decor doles out the significance of the 50th birthday with the combination of words that resonates an amusing tone. We certainly assure to offer the absolute finesse to the cake which certainly be quite striking to look at.
  4. Custom Order Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor – Customized cakes truly exude a distinctive feel. A lot of people prefer the customized edible cake toppers ideas over the conventional kinds in the market. Surely a customized cake easily draws attention so, if you are in a mood try out something different, funny and out-of-the-box, go for the customized edible cake decorations. At Edible Prints On Cake, we are recognized for our incredible ability to provide customized cake exactly as per the specification of the clients.  

We have noted some of our best offerings here but we indeed have a lot more to offer you. Explore our collection and you can find out a myriad of options for edible cake toppers.  


Call of Duty Cake Topper - An Expression of Fancy, Cool and Trendy Cake Decor Posted on 28 Sep 00:58 , 0 comments

Does the idea of call of duty cake topper sounds impressive? At Edible Prints On Cake, we craft glorious designs of call of duty cupcake toppers and can dole out a fully fancy cake for your special occasion. This requires an extremely intricate detailing and we make sure not to leave any stone unturned to give it the perfection.  Whether you have plans to ring in the birthday of your little one, friends or of anyone special; call of duty would be one unique sort of a cake decor which can instantly create the fantastic impression.

 If you are tired of seeing the almost same kind of cake decor in pretty much every party or birthday celebration; you need to think of something out-of-the-box.  A call of duty cake topper would make for one lovely sight with its highly amusing toppers. 

 call of duty cake topper

 Call of duty cake toppers are certainly one-of-a-kinds and exude an exceptional effect to say the least.  They are the reflection of today’s trendy cake designs and at Edible Prints On Cake, we ensure that we bring you the best version of call of duty cupcake toppers.

Here’s what makes call of duty cake topper a smart cake decor idea:                

  • 1) A delightfully interesting theme - In the midst of so many cake topper ideas, there’s always this constant thought goes on as to which one shall manage to excite with its theme the maximum.  Frankly call of duty cake topper is quite a wonderful theme to try as it brings along a sense of excitement and evoke intrigue which hardly a random cake topper manage to do so.  
  • 2) An attractive vision – An eye-catching design of cupcake toppers instantly grab attention and become one of the most talked-about parts of the party. Call of duty cake toppers exhibit an amazing design and create an incredible vibe. So, when you decide to have a cupcake or cake topper to celebrate a special occasion, call of duty cupcake toppers would seamlessly fit in to be the best choice. 
  • 3) A reflection of class and sheer fun - Having call of duty cake toppers can truly be the reflection of class and fun. If it is a birthday celebration of a kid and you just don’t want anything to be left out or lacking, a call of duty cake topper can make for one awesome addition to the party. Kids would be amused to no end and they shall enjoy the flavour of it in the most uninhibited manner. So, if you have plans to spring a happy surprise on your little one on his birthday, a call of duty cake topper can be the most ideal one to pick. 
  • 4) Available in budget - At times people skip choosing a particular cake topper for simply fearing to lay out a huge sum.  However that’s certainly not the case with call of duty cupcake toppers at Edible Prints On Cake.  We have it in absolute budget and can guarantee to offer you the best quality thereby ensuring the best.   

We at Edible Prints On Cake create the cake decor with the right ingredients and craft the best kinds of edible cupcake toppers. So, even if you want to have a personalized call of duty cupcake toppers, you can certainly trust us to deliver you the perfect finesse with absolute exactness aligning your specifications.  So, what are you waiting for? Enhance the allure of the special occasion by adding the presence of this extremely special call of duty cake topper.

Edible Cake Toppers - The Coolest and Trendiest Selection is Here!!! Posted on 1 Sep 08:20 , 0 comments

A special occasion always demands the presence of the cakes. The sight of a cake can make anyone forget about the diet and binge like there is no tomorrow.  Of course cake rules the palates of people so much so that cakes no longer need to be waited upon to splurge on. A casual get-together among friends and family can as well give away a chance to have a delicious cake to enjoy the moment. At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer the most gorgeous edible cake toppers which can instantly fill your tongue with a heavenly taste. Rest assured the attractive design would be a sheer treat to your eyes.

 A wonderfully decorated edible cupcake toppers or cake toppers can exhibit a beautiful charisma with all its allure. In today’s time, people like to have something fancy, dramatic, and exotic, which they find in edible cake toppers. At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer all these and more.

edible cupcake toppers

Find out a list of some of the popular edible cupcake toppers right here:

  • PJ MASKS 4 Owlette Edible Birthday Cake Topper - Kids can’t ever have enough of it. If you have plans to ring in your little one’s birthday, this one could be the best design to have. Almost every child is hooked to PJ Masks animation series and having a cake on the same theme can only add on to enhance the joy and excitement. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide the most perfectly crafted PJ Masks cake toppers. 
  • Jurassic World 1 Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor – This would be one exciting edible cake toppers If you are a kind who likes that slightly edgy feel, this cake would make an extremely special birthday cake. Basically this one can be a perfect fit for both kids and adults. Nevertheless it is the children who prefer it more. We at Edible Prints On cake are the experts in delivering the best designs in this particular theme and idea. 
  • WONDER WOMAN Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor – Wonder woman design enjoys a tremendous popularity as a cake topper and needless to say, this has turned out to be the absolute favourite of kids, especially the girls. So, if you are looking for something extraordinarily incredible as edible cupcake toppers, this surely is the kind to order. 
  • Manchester United Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor - Are you a big football fanatic and can’t stop following the game religiously? A birthday with the theme can be a great matter of joy. More so, if you are a fan of the Manchester United, you can trust Edible Prints On Cake to offer the most incredibly designed cake topper. 
  • VAMPIRE DIARIES Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor - One of the most edgy and dark theme has to be this. However, kids surely get amused by its design and to state the truth, even the adults quite like it too. No doubt it is a slightly unconventional idea but enjoys a good demand. 
  • Custom Order Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor – If you want a birthday cake to be exquisitely different and not something run-of –the –mill which are easily available, you can always opt for the customized edible cake toppers to get a distinctive cake design. Rest assured at Edible Prints On Cake, we can replicate your thoughts and specification to perfection. 

At Edible Prints On Cake, we have the best edible cake toppers at display. Take your pick now!

Edible Cupcake Toppers - An Awesome Idea for Cupcakes Posted on 21 Apr 01:44 , 0 comments

Are cupcakes too difficult to resist? They surely taste awfully delicious!  Having the edible cupcake toppers can surely give your taste buds a delightful experience.

If you have a special occasion just around the corner, then you certainly have a good reason to try out edible cake toppers. When it comes to edible toppers for cupcakes, they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Needless to say, they would definitely contribute in enhancing the whole sight of cupcake by giving a finished look to it.

edible cake toppers

Whether it’s a birthday party or an anniversary or for that matter any other special day of your life, edible cupcake toppers are the apt pick for deserts. As is the trend of DIY us an all-time high right now, you could be tempted to follow the same. However, what you actually need to realize is, cupcakes with edible toppers require a complete perfection and a slight hitch in it could totally mess up the look and taste of the cupcake.  In short, professionals are the ones, who can offer you the delectable cupcakes along with the addition of edible toppers.

Here’s presenting you a few reasons as to why you should have the edible cupcake toppers:

  • One-of -a --kind idea - 

    Edible cupcake topper can beget an exceptional effect on the cupcakes by enhancing their look in a unique manner. As for the regular cakes or for that matter basic toppers are concerned, they have lost the novelty big time and cannot create the charm that the edible toppers for cupcakes could generate.                                                

  • Explore themes - Edible cupcake toppers are available in varied themes, which clearly means, there would be no shortage of ideas for you to explore in edible topper themes. The fact is having an eye-catching design of topper can effortlessly augment the aura of the occasion and help you relish some delightful cupcakes.

  • Easy to customize -

    Customization defies the idea of convention and with cupcakes, you can put your creative best ideas to have it as per your own choice and preference. No doubt, you could find myriad of gorgeous ready-made toppers, nevertheless, having a personalized one can definitely make a difference.  With professionals, you can be rest assured to get the exact toppers that you would want to have.

  • Safe to eat -

    Edible cupcake toppers are absolutely safe to eat and they can be consumed without any trace of worry. If you are seeking out for professional’s assistance, you have just no reason to bother about the safety factor as professionals follow every necessary step to ensure the safety of the toppers before they offer it to the customers.

  • A luxurious choice at an affordable price -

    One of the best parts about edible cupcake toppers are they exude lavishness and yet come at a reasonable price. No doubt some of the detailed ones are a little more expensive than the usual ones. But, considering they are of topnotch quality, spending a few extra bucks on them does not harm.

 Are you up for a celebration of a special occasion? Desserts are a must in the menu.  Give a thought to edible cupcake toppers and serve your guests the delectable cupcakes to relish.

Edible Cupcake Toppers - The Reason Why It is in Vogue Posted on 14 Apr 03:54 , 0 comments

Do you absolutely relish cupcakes? Surely, it’s well past a time, when basic cupcakes used to be the only option for people to try. Undoubtedly, the decoration for cupcakes has certainly come a long way what with the introduction of edible cupcake toppers. Since the time, the phenomenon of edible toppers have begun, they have been riding in popularity among the cupcake lovers.

Edible cupcake toppers are not just relegated to birthdays, but they are quite a preferable choice even for the occasions like anniversary and casual parties.  In short, the addition of edible toppers has added a great charm to the cupcakes.

edible cupcake toppers

Are you passionate about baking cakes and cupcakes?  It’s perfectly fine to experiment with DIY, however, if you have a wish to get the edible cupcake toppers, you better consult a professional to deliver you the best.

Here’s a list of a few things about edible cupcake toppers

    • A unique decoration - With edible cupcake toppers, the desire to have something unique can be easily fulfilled. Basically, professionals offer a wide range of options to decorate the cupcakes, which becomes quite an ease for you to pick. Of course, given the fact that there are myriad of professionals available in the market, it could be a little difficult to actually settle for a right kind. Nevertheless, if you put in a little effort to search the expert and experienced professional, you do not have to worry about getting the finest type.
    • Enhance the festivity -

      No matter what the occasion is, having edible cupcake toppers could contribute in making the event bigger and better in every which way. A delicious cupcake with the attractive features of edible toppers can certainly do wonders in augmenting the festive mood.

    • Personalize your cupcakes -

      Personalization is an amazing way to ensure the exceptionality of your cupcakes. Having edible cupcake toppers is surely an incredible idea to play with; however, if you go a little beyond to try your creativity with it, you can definitely have something extraordinarily wonderful.

    • Eye-catching designs -

      There are incredible range of designs in the space of edible cupcake toppers, which can brighten up the mood of the occasion and surely does make for a pretty sight besides offering delectable taste. Therefore, it could be quite daunting for you to select any particular out of the flurry of options available before you. So, what you really need to be clear about is the occasion for which you would like to have it. Remember, the design should be able to bring out what you intend to express. If you stay true to your specifications, you can be able to get exactly what you want.

    • Budget-friendly -

      Edible cupcake toppers are an absolute apt choice, if you are looking for a having something wonderful in a reasonable cost. Though, generally many assume cupcake toppers to be a costly affair, nevertheless, with the ideal search, it actually won’t be difficult to spot the edible toppers within your budget.

    • Alternative for traditional cakes -

      Traditional style cakes are a complete passe now and needless to say, it is the edible cupcake toppers, which have taken over them with elan. In today’s time and age, people are prioritizing over having the cupcake edible toppers rather than something simple and basic.  

    • An unconventional idea -

      Edible cupcake toppers are any day an unconventional idea, having which can make your occasion a memorable one for your guests as well.

    • A centerpiece -

      It would indeed be a fantastic thought to order for edible cupcake toppers as they can easily be the centerpiece of the party and can effortlessly earn you a great deal of appreciation for serving something different than the usual.

After going through the above-mentioned pointers, you can’t possibly wait to place an order for the edible cupcake toppers. Get on with your search and find what you like and want.



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