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Are you planning to give an excellent surprise on your beau’s birthday?

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing. There are a lot of special moments couples enjoy together. Sometimes couples are so madly in love with each other that they feel like overcoming all the obstacles of life together and it is really a precious feeling. So as a couple one should celebrate and cherish every little moment of happiness together.

So, if you are in a mood of giving a pleasant surprise to your beau and make his birthday a memorable one, no matter how much special arrangement you make but you cannot skip the cake!

A nicely decorated cake with your beau’s favorite theme will make him feel how genuine your feelings are for him. It will make him remember all the special moments you spent together.

If you want something quick and easy to apply on a freshly frosted cake for decoration instead of the messy traditional icing, you should prefer edible cake images from EPOC.

Why buy edible cake Images from EPOC?

  • Edible: Almost all the cake toppers or edible cake images are edible for consumption and are free from any Kosher and allergen. Both the frosting sheets and ink used for designing the print are approved by the FDA.
  • Variety of Themes: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC comes in a variety of themes to suit any occasion. Be it an anniversary, birthdays, business inaugurations or convocation.
  • Easy to apply: The printed cake toppers come with easy applications. You only have to peel off the backing of the frosting sheets and lay it in a freshly frosted cake. The cake will absorb the frosting sheet while the prints will remain intact as it is.
  • Economical: The cake toppers are quite economical since it comes with a shelf life of twelve months when stored in a tampered proof bag and away from direct heat and light.
  • Available in different shapes and sizes: The cake topper comes in different size and shapes. Further, the frosting sheets could be cut in different shapes to fit the requirement of cake size.
  • Personalization: The edible cake images come with an element of personalization. Now quote the best messages for your beloved ones on the cake topper. All you need is to go to the portal and write online what message you want to get printed on the cake topper.  Now no more frustration due to messy icing on the cake for giving quotes.


No matter which occasion you are planning for. We have edible cake images to suit all your themes and tastes. With our nicely printed cake toppers, you can make any occasion a memorable one. When the cake is decorated with edible cake images from EPOC, it will keep everyone’s eye hooked to it, and even minor decorations will work.

Make Your Occasion Special with Edible Cake Images Posted on 7 Dec 07:32 , 0 comments

Cakes are the centre of attraction in social events like weddings, birthday parties, or anniversaries. These days cakes are created with unique designs and attractive decorations. The flavour, textures and design make the cake look more beautiful and unique.

There are many options in the market to decorate the cake but adding a topper on the cake has become a trend in the present scenario. The cake with edible photos is dedicated for loved ones.

Make Your Occasion Special with Edible Cake Images


Why select Edible images for Cakes?


A party is always incomplete without a cake. Edible cake images are trending in the market due to the flexibility of design and texture. A perfect and proper choice of the cake helps to make the occasion memorable.       

  • Personalize your cake: - The topper on the cake shares your feelings for your loved ones. Either it’s a family photo or a photo with your soul mate. Anything can be designed on the cake that makes you feel special.
  • Saves your money: - While planning an occasion, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done. The cake with edible images can be easily purchased at our online store. The edible cake images take less time to apply on the top of the cake. Choose the toppings for the cake according to the occasion.
  • Edible and safe for consumption: - The edible cake images are safe and best for consumption. Our team works in a healthy and clean environment to design the best cake for the occasion. FDA approves the materials and inks used in the cake. It is for consumption as ink is free from allergens.
  • Lots of option to choose from: - A Birthday cake with cartoon character is the first choice of kids. Kids are often attracted to the design and textures that is engraved on the cake. The trend of edible images for cakes has changed the way of celebrating the occasion. A big smile on the kid's face creates a magical moment on the occasion.
A beautiful cake with edible images catches the attention of the guest at the party. The addition of the edible cake images on the top of the cake turns an ordinary cake into an extraordinary one as well as it gives you a memory to cherish forever. Express your feelings to your loved ones with edible cake prints.

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Cakes are one of the attractions in the party. The icing on the cake with different types of ingredients makes the cake look beautiful and delicious. Apart from using different kinds of ingredients to decorate the cake adding a topper on the cake has become a trend in the recent time.

The printed delicious cakes are very common in social events like birthday, anniversary, and other events. Preparing the cake with the edible photos is the first choice for the people who are looking forward to having something different for the occasion.

edible images for cakes

The Delectable Cake Designs

There is no doubt about the fact that the edible cake images are incredibly alluring. People from all age groups love to have the cake with edible images on a special occasion. A personal touch from the chef makes the cake even more delight and delicious. There are numerous options available with edible images for cakes which you can explore to create a distinct impression before the guest.

There are many reasons why to consider the cake with edible images as the best option for parties.

A Smooth Process

The edible cake images are effortless to apply to the cake. Just choose the cake design and attach them to the top of the cake. The process is so easy that it hardly requires any effort or time. So design your toppings according to the occasion.

Add a personal touch to the cake

One reason why people love to have toppings on the cake is that they can easily customize it according to the occasion. Your loved ones will appreciate the personal touch. A cake with the toppings can make the event memorable for a lifetime as well as it can be very touching and heartwarming for everyone.


As it is very fancy the edible cake images on the cake doesn’t affect your budget. People who are looking to have a cake in a minimum budget the edible cake images are the best options for them. The combination of the flavor and color creates a mouth watering cake for you as well as for your guest.

These beautiful cakes with edible images catch the attention of the guest at the party and create a good impression of yours at the event. With the edible cake images, it is easy to turn an ordinary cake into an extraordinary one. So get ready for party blast with amazing cakes. 

Edible Cake Images – The Demonstration of Outstanding Cake Designs Posted on 19 Sep 06:01 , 0 comments

Edible cake images are extremely alluring and there is no doubt about that. People all across the ages looks forward to adding the charm of edible images while celebrating a special occasion. It could be a birthday or an anniversary the uniquely special edible cake image can infuse a certain amount of novelty in the cake, thereby making the occasion even more memorable. A personal touch matters and with edible cake images you have the best way to show it.

edible cake images

We at Edible Prints On Cake stock up a wide range of edible cake images ideas. You can explore them and create a distinct impression in the celebratory cake. A personalized cake is in the trend big time and why shouldn’t it be! People truly relish and love to have it at any possible special instance. If you are looking for the finest personalized edible images, trust our offerings to match your vision.

A basic cake decor has become a passe. In today’s time and age, edible cake images are the choice of a majority of the people and it is inflating in the popularity quotient day by day. Find out the difference between Custom Edible Images for Cakes Vs Traditional Cake Decor here:

Presenting a few amazing factors about edible cake images:

#1: An Effortless Process

Are you keen on having edible cake images and looking for a comprehensible process to get it done; choose Edible Prints On Cake and use them in the easiest manner possible. You only have to peel off the backing and attach them onto the cake. It hardly consumes any effort and energy. So, there you have it! Explore our collection and take your pick.

#2: Safe to Taste

When it comes to edible cake images, there can’t be any question raised on its safety. We at Edible Prints On Cake highly value the health of our customers hence leave no stone unturned in determining the safety aspect. Both kids and adult love to binge on edible cakes, hence we make sure that our offerings satisfy them with a gorgeous image. Choose our edible cake images and ensure both clarity and safety.

#3: Deliver an Accurate Vision

Our collection of edible cake toppers and images can precisely match your specification and give you the desirable impression you want your cake to achieve. We indeed deliver what you want. You can’t find a departure in our offerings if compared to your specified vision. 

So, now that you know all about the edible cake images; do not forget to order them from us. We will surely deliver you the best. Check out our collection here:

Edible Cake Images – Choose the Decor That Resonates the Best Posted on 17 Apr 06:23 , 0 comments

The incredibly attractive edible cake images win the heart and entice tongues to get a quick taste. When it comes to special occasions of life, one just can’t imagine a party without a delectable cake. Having edible cake toppers can indeed evoke an amazing allure and make the celebration even grander and happening.

Edible Cake Images

At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer the widest range of edible cake images that will leave you with a delighted feel.  People all across age love to indulge in cakes.  The edible cake toppers add to the charm, making it a popular choice for all kinds of celebration.

Whether it is your anniversary, birthday, wedding, success party, or any other significant event; the cake is a permanent fixture on all kinds of celebratory occasions. Edible images successfully glam up the occasion as it makes for a good subject to catch the attention of all the guests at the party.

Check out the ways to ensure an awesome pick for edible cake images:

Out of the box edible cake decor

Uniqueness always stands out. It feels great when your party becomes talked about for its decor, food and cake design. If you are in a party mood and want to have the loveliest cake decor; rest assured to go with the idea of custom edible cake images. This will create a vibe of exclusivity, thereby making it the biggest attention grabber of the night. At Edible Prints On Cake, we churn out the most amazing edible cake toppers that go with the specification and desire of our clients in the most accurate manner. Try out our cake toppers to taste the best edible cake images.

An impression of finesse

You must know the ways to have the perfect edible cake images.  Make sure to get it from the right place so as to have the edible printed images of quality. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide the finest visions of edible cake toppers. The refinement of the toppers elevates the appeal of the cake, making it the best choice for the occasion.

Display of creativity

Creativity is one of the key takeaways from edible cake images. The wonderful decor mesmerizes people and often leaves them in awe. Go for the kind of cake decor that will have scope to exude a creative expression. At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer some of the most wonderfully crafted edible cake images. If you truly want the best edible cake toppers; rely on us with wholehearted conviction.

Quality professional products

Quality matters the most. If you are looking for cake toppers that should show right quality; you should always search for the innovative and original creations of professionals. We at Edible Prints On Cake stock up some of the best edible cake image ideas, however, if you have your wish list with it; you can certainly trust us to do justice to your desire.

Easy on the pocket

When it comes to the price factor; edible cake images are not as highly priced as you may think. In fact, it is quite affordable if one of the convoluted designs it carries. We at Edible Prints On Cake assure both quality and affordability. You will indeed get the best from us.

Edible cake images indeed bring out the best of the party mood. Order for this wonderful cake decor and make your special event even more special. We at Edible Prints On Cake is the best you can find for getting the desirable edible images. Order now!




Edible Cake Toppers - 3 Points behind Its Rise in Popularity Posted on 10 Apr 08:37 , 0 comments

Cakes are the delightful addition to a celebratory and happy occasion. It augments the aura of grandeur and makes the special occasion even more special. Back in the day, people used to solely focus on the flavor of the cakes rather than the design. However, since the introduction of edible cake toppers in the bakery world, people first decide on the cake decor and theme. Edible printed images have surely brought a huge transformation to the bakery/confectionery industry and have successfully worked their charm over the cake lovers.

One cannot miss the presence of cakes in the events like anniversary, wedding, and birthdays. With the availability of so many different kinds of edible cake toppers, one can easily be daunted with the options. Cakes surely give a window to your feelings and emotions. Thus, you need to pick it right to be able to dole out the correct impression.

Edible printed images

With edible cake toppers; you will be able to create a beautiful “cake –cutting moment.” At Edible Prints On Cake, we present some of the most amazing collection of Edible cake images.  Rest assured you will find your ideal cake or cupcake topper from us.

Find out what makes the edible cake toppers so popular:          

Pleasing to the eye

Adding toppers to the cake makes it a visual treat. In today’s time, edible cake images have become some sort of a trend for its incredible vision, delicious taste, and overall quality. Created from a wide variety of materials, edible cake toppers surely leave a lasting effect on the guests. It certainly takes a lot more than a vision to execute the elegance of the cake toppers in the right manner. The wisest course of action would be to select a cake decor that is compatible with the occasion and capture the spirit of your persona in an appropriate manner. Undoubtedly edible cake toppers look extremely delectable and that is one of the many reasons why it enjoys a massive popularity among the cake aficionados.  

Reflection of style and imagination

Cake toppers have become an inseparable part of the cake. There may be a difference in theme, occasion, and style but the essence remains the same. A cake topper can add a perfect touch to a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event of your life and that is what makes it extremely alluring. It conveys the message with its design and becomes the way for expression.

One-of-a-kind designs

People vie for uniqueness and with edible cake toppers, they get a chance to have a unique cake decor. One of the major things about parties is the cake. Thus, while organizing a special occasion or event, they get excited with the idea of edible cake designs. People do not like to have the same kind of cake designs that they had seen in the last party. So, the key is to push the boundary and have an innovative and interesting cake decor. With edible cake toppers, the desire for uniqueness is easily achieved.

Creative and meaningful

Cakes provide a delicious finale to the most memorable and happy occasions of our lives. With custom edible images for cakes, the cake gets a meaning and becomes a vision of creativity. This is one of the few reasons why edible cake toppers are so desirable among the cake lovers. From kids to the adults, everyone is besotted with the idea of edible cake toppers and cupcake toppers.

Edible cake toppers are the manifestation of changing time in the people choice. In today’s time, one can expect to spot edible cake images in almost every party, but of course with different designs and themes. The best thing about edible cake toppers is; they have sustained its novelty and are still trending in the bakery industry. Explore our collection to find the most stunning edible cake toppers. Hurry up!





Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Edible Cake Images Posted on 6 Apr 04:06 , 0 comments

Do you want to decorate a cake with an edible image? Surely, gone are the days, when people used to settle on the traditional cake designs. This is a time of choice and we are not bound by the things that are produced for us. The bakery/confectionary world serves the opportunity to stretch your imagination and add our personal touch to the cake decor with the addition of edible cake images.

Printed Cake Image

Decorating a cake requires a lot of effort; hence, it makes sense for the reason to decorate it with an edible cake image. Unlike the traditional cake decor; it is done within minutes.

Cakes for special occasions need to be special and in order to enhance their gorgeousness, edible images are used. Whether it is your birthday, anniversary, or wedding; edible images for cakes have become a popular demand these days.  But, there are many points that you will have to keep in mind to have the most amazing custom edible images for cakes.

Here’s a know how on selecting the right printing edible images for cakes:

Express your creativity

Edible cake images can be anything that you want them to be. Thus, when it is about celebrating a big, happy occasion; you should take the full advantage of the fact that edible images for cakes can easily define your imagination sans any limitation. So, go ahead and show the world your feelings, and emotions through your cake decor. At Edible Prints On Cake, we can ably design your cake precisely the way you desire for.

A special connect

You need to choose a personalized Printed Cake Image that should be able to reflect the significance of the occasion. For instance, if it is your anniversary, you can adorn the cake with your wedding picture, or for that matter exhibit a moment of memory through this. In a nutshell, no matter whatever the event is; the cake decor must be relevant.  

A stunning vision

The whole idea about having edible cake images is to create an alluring effect. So, hold onto that particular thought, when you order for edible images for cakes.  Make sure, you get the most attractive and eye-catching cake decor for your special day.

Customize your images with messages

Having edible cake images can say a lot; however you can add a suitable message with the image that fits the occasion. It will make your cake look unique and appealing. At Edible Prints On Cake, we can deliver delectable cake image toppers completely as per your predilection.

Ensure the right taste

Apart from the look of the edible cake images, you must ensure the taste as cakes are basically made for eating. So, make sure the cake looks good as well as taste good. Never compromise with the quality of the cake and try to have an exceptionally delicious cake with perfect edible images. At Edible Prints On Cake; we assure the combination of both these factors. Rest assured you will surely get the most awesome cake decor from us.

Keep the cake in the right place

Be sure about the texture of the cake to know the place you should avoid placing it. So, just make sure to store your cake at the right place to preserve its look and taste.  So, Edible images for cakes look exceptionally classy and attractive.  You should be aware about the way you should treat it until it is cut. 

Buying edible images for cakes can be fun and hassle-free.  But remember, you need should see to it that the cake needs to be presentable and the photos on it should exude finesse and perfection. There’s nothing like a well-decorated cake and at Edible Prints On Cake; we assure you the best you can have. Order now!

Edible Prints On Cake Present the Creative Culmination of Edible Cake Images Posted on 13 Oct 06:50 , 0 comments

With your little one’s birthday just around the corner, it could be a little overwhelming to sort out every part of the celebration in a perfect way. Especially when it comes to cakes, you just can’t afford to be flippant about it. Cakes are the first thing that the guests set their eyes on and considering it’s a birthday party of your kid, chances are his/her friends would turn up at the maximum umber barring a few adults of course. So, when deciding which cake it should be, make sure to take into account what the children like, and more specifically what does your kiddo prefer.  If you want to go safe with your choice and want to be confident about winning compliments for the birthday cake, edible cake images would indeed be the apt one to include. 

edible cake images

Edible cake toppers if designed with complete finesse could leave a huge impression for its look and idea. So, it is always wise to assign this task to a professional who has the expertise to do it right. At Edible Prints On Cake, we have a wide range of offerings which can turn a simple birthday cake into something greatly extraordinary. 

 Look at a few amazing qualities about edible cake images right here: 

Sumptuous and attractive – One of the most awesome things about having edible cake toppers are they exude a special effect which combines both exceptional taste and looks in its respective manner. Cakes should be high on both allure and taste which people can savour with delight.  With edible cake images, the whole idea can easily find its way. 

At Edible Prints On Cake, we are quite proficient at offering the most enchanting cake toppers with delicious flavours.  So, when looking for the best, you must not ignore us. 

Best medium to send out a message – Edible Prints On Cake are the finest way to put across the message you wish to convey to your child. At Edible Prints On Cake, we have some incredibly beautiful ideas which you can infuse in the cake to make it more appealing and heart touching for the little one.  Basically the sight of the birthday cake should impress the child and invoke a sense of excitement and joy. Edible Prints On Cake has a myriad of options and won’t give you a reason to complain about the lack of anything. 

Add love and personalization - There’s no feeling in the world better than witnessing the glint of happiness in your child’s eyes. And the most brilliant way to find it in abundance is to give the child something familiar. With a customized version of edible cake toppers, this could just be possible with absolute ease. A personalized cake offers a feeling of great satisfaction as it would contain an extremely special meaning for the kid and warm his heart and create a “mouth-watering” feel to grab a bite of it as soon as possible.   Edible Prints On Cake is famed for churning out the most accurate personalized edible cake images and toppers with a lot of conviction.   

Budget-friendly - One of the most amazing qualities about Edible Prints On Cake is we provide beautiful concepts of edible cake images and can indeed bring out the best for you as per your instruction.  So, when it comes to price quotes, you can expect us to be in your budget but doing absolute justice with what we offer. Going by the fact that our offerings are of  top-notch quality,  the idea is to match up to our level of expertise even in our price package which of course wouldn’t seem to be too costly if you appreciate the best that we do with our products. 

Now that you know edible cake images are the creative best cake ideas, trust us to get you what you want. We certainly would leave no stone unturned to get you the perfect birthday cake you desire for your kid.

Our Top 5 Amazing Presentation for Edible Cake Images Posted on 23 Aug 09:03 , 0 comments

Birthdays are all about good mood, joyful fervour, celebratory decoration, delicious food and of course delectable cake. Gone are the days when a basic vanilla cake used to be a relished treat, now it is the time of edible cake images designed in a yummy flavour which is ruling the birthday circuit with all its glory.

Especially when it comes to kids birthday bash, there is an added pressure to make it a lavish affair. No matter how interesting the decoration is, a cake surely has to be an eye-catching one. Thus, the significance of themes and ideas also comes with the fact of having an attractive cake design.

edible images for cakes

There is no denying that a “cake cutting moment” evokes a lot of excitement and thus make everyone wait for the moment with a bated breath to arrive.  So, it is all about living up to the expectation and making it worth-the-wait by bringing in the absolute best kind of edible images for cakes.

At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer a humongous variety and can proudly state to be pushing the envelope with new innovative ideas in edible cake images.

So, when looking for the finest edible images for cakes, you surely can trust us to give you strikingly amazing types. Here’s presenting a few pointers which would help you have clarity over your choice for edible cake images.

  • Quality addition - Quality is the primary factor to check and when it is about a birthday cake, there is no way you can settle for mediocrity. Trust us to match to the first-rate quality with our expertise. Whether it is the frosting sheet or the other key components, we make sure to accumulate the perfect ones to deliver the most excellent cake toppers. 
  • Dazzling edible images – One of the best reasons to choose us is we are extremely focussed in offering a proper finesse and clarity to the edible cake images and infusing the much needed visual delight to it. An attractive cake design easily draws attention and that is what we ensure to bring in to the table for you. We stretch our imagination to the greatest to collect the ideas of fun and engaging edible images for cakes. 
  • Skill of right customization – Customization has a unique quality and that is what makes it thrive on a big level. In today’s time and age, everyone likes to add certain distinctiveness in their cake design and when it comes to personalized edible cake images, we surely have the best to offer as we take care of each predilection to match the exactness.
  • A pocket-friendly choice - Edible Prints On cake is one of the leading providers of edible cake toppers and has the ability to dole out anything on the lines. But we are surely the most affordable platform you can find for your preferred edible cake images. No matter how convoluted the design would be, we shall never charge anything unreasonable and rest assured there would be no surprise hidden price. We offer the best and we can assure to be quite fair in our price-range. You can expect to get the most justifiable quotes. 
  • Latest and new designs – Think of all the new edible images in the trend and you can find them right at our display. Our ideas of edible images for cakes are extremely novel and original which would certainly leave your guest hooked to the adornment of the birthday cake. 

Can’t wait to have one-of-a-kind edible cake images of quality? Hurry up and order now!



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