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Celebrate Your Kids Birthday with Edible Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 19 Sep 07:46 , 0 comments

Birthdays are always special! But when it is the birthday of your child, the birthday fever is high up in the air almost a month’s before. Kids are adorable and are curious little munchkins.

So, if you are ordering a cake for your kid’s birthday. It is wise enough to know their taste and preferences as the little ones is an expert in throwing tantrums.

Kids, especially the boys, are fond of cartoon characters and superheroes. So, one can delight his/ her son by ordering a cartoon or superhero-themed cake.

When you pick up a nice delectable looking edible birthday cake topper for your baked or frosted cake, then even minor decoration work can make the party a happening one!

Nowadays printed edible cake toppers are the hottest trend in the cake world.

So, if you are looking for edible cake topper to pop on top of a freshly frosted cake, then the best option would be EPOC.

Edible Birthday Cake Topper

Why buy Cake Toppers from EPOC?

  • Edible:

All the cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are edible and free from Kosher and allergen. Both the frosting sheet and the edible ink used for manufacturing the cake are approved by the FDA.

  • Eye candy:

The cake toppers we manufacture are a perfect treat to eyes. The topper looks delectable and keeps all eyes hooked to it.

It has an amazing taste and serves everyone’s palate. 

  • Variety:

There are wide varieties of cake and cupcake toppers available with EPOC. Cake toppers are available for almost all occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, convocation day and business inauguration. In short, EPOC manufactures cake toppers for both formal and informal occasions.

  • Easy to apply:

The cake toppers are extremely easy to apply. All you have to do is pull off the backing layer of the frosting sheet and pop it on top of the freshly frosted cake. 

  • Economical:

The cake toppers are available at an economical price. Further, they come with a shelf life of twelve months with condition underlying it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.

  • Customization:

We are open to manufacturing customized cake toppers as per our client’s requirement. All you have to do is visit our site and send us the image that you would like to appear on top of the cake topper. We further assure you that there won’t be any copyright infringement from our end. 

  • Personalization:

We provide you with an option of adding a personalized message on your cake topper. All you have to do is visit our site and quote the message that you would want to appear on the topper.


We at EPOC have cake toppers for almost all occasions. No matter whether you are fond of vibrant colors or light sprinkle of colors on your toppers, we at EPOC have a huge collection to satiate everyone’s taste and preference. Further, our printed cake toppers are not messy like the traditional cakes coming with heavy icing!

Celebrate Your Parents Birthday with Edible Birthday Cake Topper from EPOC Posted on 22 May 02:59 , 0 comments

We all know how much our parents have sacrificed for us. They left no stones unturned to give us the utmost happiness and comfort in our life. We all remember how special they have made us feel in our birthdays every year. So now when we have grown up, it is our time to make our parent’s birthday special.

No matter how much delicacies and decorations you make for birthdays but like every occasion birthdays are incomplete without cakes. Whenever you call guests for your birthday; the first thing anyone looks for is a nicely decorated cake.

Nowadays many customers prefer printed edible birthday cake topper unlike the traditional cakes with messy icing.

Why buy Edible Birthday Cake Topper from EPOC?

  • Edible: cake toppers bought from EPOC are free from any allergen and kosher. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing are approved by the FDA. The cake toppers are even safe for toddlers to consume.
  • Eye Candy: The cake toppers ordered from EPOC are real eye candy. The prints and the colours used on the cake toppers look lustrous and vibrant. The topper is a real treat to eyes.
  • Various themes: The cake toppers are designed to suit various themes and could make any occasion special.
  • Personalization: The cake topper comes with an element of personalization. Now you can get trendy quotes on cake toppers while avoiding the messy icing used for quoting a message.
  • Economical: The cake toppers ordered from EPOC are very economical since it comes with a shelf life of twelve months. The only condition being it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.
  • Shapes and Sizes: The cake toppers we offer are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One could also cut the cake topper to fit into the requirement of the cakes.
  • Affordable: The edible cake toppers we offer are easy on your pockets. We offer the best quality cake toppers at an affordable price.

 Try the customized cake Topper:  

We at EPOC are ready to serve our customers at our best. Whether you are looking for a simple sprinkle of color or a vibrant, colorful cake topper, we design cake toppers and cupcake toppers accordingly.  We design the best cake toppers according to our client’s requirement.

Although we have plenty of cake toppers that would match most of the themes and moods of the clients still we keep the option of customizing the cake toppers according to the requirement of our clients open. 


We at EPOC have designed edible printed cake toppers for all kinds of occasions. Again the edible cake toppers are easy to apply on a cake. All you have to do is peel off the backing from the frosting sheet and apply it on a freshly frosted cake.  So why worry about the heavy icing that is difficult to handle. Place your order now!

Edible Birthday Cake Topper – Things You Must Know Posted on 11 Jul 09:42 , 0 comments

Your birthday is just around the corner and you want your cake to be uniquely special? There is absolutely no better idea than adding a personal touch to it.  With edible birthday cake topper, you can indeed find the best way to celebrate your birthday and enjoy the fervor in a special manner.

edible birthday cake topper

At Edible Prints On Cake, we stock up a wide range of edible cake topper ideas, having which can infuse a feel of distinctiveness in your birthday celebration.  A personalized cake is the order of the day and people truly relish it like no other. If you want to make a personalized birthday cake topper, trust our offerings to do justice to your vision.

Gone are the days when people used to be content with a basic cake decor. In today’s time, edible birthday cake topper is the choice of a majority of the people and it is going up the popularity quotient day by day.

Here’s presenting a few amazing facts about edible cake toppers here:

#1: Easy to use

If you are mesmerized by the idea of having edible cake toppers, you can surely be rest assured to use them in the easiest manner. All you need to do is to peel off the backing and attach them onto the cake. It hardly requires any effort or energy.  Our offerings are indeed the finest you can have.

#2: Safe for consumption

When it comes to edible birthday cake toppers, there needn’t be any doubt about the safety of its consumption.  We at Edible Prints On Cake understand how popular edible toppers are and how much people to love to binge on them. Hence, we take utmost care to bring you the varied collection of cake toppers that is absolutely safe to eat.

#3: Pocket-friendly price

Indeed edible cake toppers look classy and exude a luxurious impression but when it comes to the price, these toppers will not let you pinch your pocket. You will never find them expensive when compare it to the ideas and detailed decor.  

#4: Complements the specified vision

The collection of edible cake toppers can give you the exact impression you want for your birthday cake. We deliver what you want. You can’t find any deviation in our offerings as it will match your specification completely.

So, now that you know this essential information on the edible cake toppers; do not forget to order them from us. We will surely deliver you the best.  Check out our collection here:

Edible Birthday Cake Topper: A Contemporary Cake Decor Posted on 27 Apr 09:23 , 0 comments

A special occasion like birthday cannot be thought of without the presence of a cake. A well-decorated cake can enhance the aura of the occasion and make it one of the most talked about affairs. With the innumerable options of cake decor; it might put you in a fix to pick the best. Back in the day, the only thing that was to be considered was the flavor. However, with time, the gradual evolution in cake designs has been able to display some wonderful ideas and themes, resulting in the edible birthday cake topper.

edible birthday cake topper

There is a certain allure involved with the idea of edible birthday cake topperIf you are totally smitten by the notion of a personalized edible cake topper and want to get the best for the occasion; rest assured Edible Prints On Cake can deliver you the most wonderful cake decor. We have a wide range of cake designs available in our collection. Exploration of our collection will introduce you to some amazingly latest themes along with some classic ones. In short, you can have just any kind of cake decor you want!

Here are some of the reasons why edible birthday cake toppers are preferred over the traditional kinds:

Cake decor in a jiffy

The traditional cake is a complete passe now. The emergence of edible cake toppers has gloriously taken over the idea of basic cake decor. Nevertheless, decorating cakes were such a tedious affair because one had to prep a lot for the frost and icing and that used to be quite a time-consuming affair. However, now it is the age of edible printed cake images which can easily help you decorate the birthday cake with ease. It hardly takes a few minutes to design an edible birthday cake topper. All you have to do is to peel off the backing from the topper and paste them on the cake. That’s it; your cake decor is ready.

Let your imagination play

With edible cake toppers, there comes a huge opportunity to pick the kind of edible images you want as your cake topper. This just makes it even more interesting and fun. The edible cake toppers will be the derivation of your imagination and desire hence it will reflect an added spark. A basic cake decor surely won’t give you the same charisma.

The edible factor

The fact that edible birthday cake toppers exhibits a beautiful impression and tastes extremely delicious; making it even more desirable. They add a personal touch to the cake and are one of the easiest ways to have an attractive cake for the occasion. The edible cake toppers are printed on the FDA approved frosting sheets and ink. They are also completely allergen free, making them safe to eat. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide the most quality-filled cake toppers.

The best way to express

A great thing about edible birthday cake toppers is they express the right emotion, feelings, and relevance. Having it will be amazing to make a statement and giving the cake a significant meaning. It will be the right impression of fun, uniqueness, and celebration. We at Edible Prints On Cake display the finest creativity and finesse when it comes to the edible birthday cake decor. So, choose our offerings to make your birthday cake memorable.

Edible cake toppers have certainly changed the way birthday cakes are now designed. It opens up endless ideas for creating the creative best cake decor. What’s more, it looks beautiful and is delicious. With the added benefits of it being a time-saving idea, edible birthday cake toppers are the best to order.



Follow These 5 Pointers Guide to Order Personalized Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 20 Oct 06:42 , 0 comments

The feeling of having personalized birthday cake topper is simply exhilarating.  It gives an unusual impression and creates quite an amusing effect.  Every mom wants to make her child’s birthday an extremely happy and exciting affair for him/her. Kids love cakes, party flavours, games and food. But cakes take precedence over everything else as it’s not a simple task to bring about an alluring design. If you are the kind who completely detest anything clichéd and look for distinctiveness, customized cake toppers are the best to bet on.

The popularity of edible cake topper is just not going anywhere, simply add personalization to it and voila, the best birthday cake for your little one is all set.

personalized birthday cake topper

For moms who put in effort to offer a unique designed cake mostly opt for DIY (Do-it-yourself) thinking it to be the most palpable idea to infuse distinctiveness. But that’s not exactly so. Your attempt at DIY could be a botched up try, if it lacks the finesse or the whole idea behind it does not come out right. Basically it is always wise to trust the professional hands to get you the desirable edible birthday cake topper.

 Learn about these few aspects to get the finest personalized birthday cake topper:

  • 1) Plan it well in advance – When it comes to your kid’s birthday, you should pan out the proper planning in advance and should just avoid rush to put together things at the nth moment. As you are well aware of the fact that cakes naturally become the face of the birthday bash, it should be ordered from the right place and as for theme, design and flavour; it should all be decided clearly in advance as well. 
  • 2) Be clear about your personalization – Make sure your instruction about the personalized birthday cake topper must be well received and the professional should comprehend your specification to be able to offer you the exact details. 
  • 3) Choose experienced professionals – It is important to choose someone experienced to get the absolute best. The fact is the novice in the business may not understand your demand and may not value your expectation, however as far as the experienced ones are concerned, they can actually live up to your expectation and give you what you want in the complete sense. 

For example, we at Edible Prints On Cake are absolutely adept at bringing in the most amazing edible birthday cake topper and can get you the most awesome personalized designs precisely the way like it and want it. 

  • 4) Enquire about the safety factors - It is highly necessary that you find out about the safety quotient of the toppers that are used by the professionals. Remember it’s your kid’s birthday party and a lot of children would inevitably be part of the celebration thus you must take care of the fact that the toppers are healthy and can be eaten by the kids. 
  • 5) Look for Justified price quotes - Instead of focussing on the affordable personalized birthday cake topper, you should prioritize the quality of the toppers and see to it if the price is justified enough for the cake toppers that you are getting. There is actually no point for looking for reasonably priced toppers since you may get a low quality edible birthday cake topper in a cheap price. So, never compromise on the quality aspect and rather ensure to have the edible cake toppers that could match up to the quality and design. 

You know edible Prints On Cake are the best in the business. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up to order personalized birthday cake topper.

Edible Birthday Cake Topper - 6 Things That We Pull Off the Best Posted on 7 Sep 07:58 , 0 comments

Is it the month of your little one’s birthday? It indeed offers a lot of excitement to plan kids’ birthday parties. You can add a lot of fun factors and go beyond the conviction to bring out a birthday bash of unique sorts. When it comes to birthday parties, one can’t help but decide first about the cake. A birthday cake is a customary norm and a little effort on your part can get you the finest edible birthday cake topper which can make it even more special for you.

At Edible Prints On Cake, you can find the availability of innumerable themes and ideas and that can actually leave you daunted and confused. However the fact is a large number of options at display will only help you explore the best.

Edible birthday cake topper

In every season, there would be a new addition to edible birthday cake toppers at Edible Prints On Cake. And that validates how relevant we are with our designs and themes.

Check out what makes our collection the best:

  • A one-of-a- kind feel - One of the best parts about our edible birthday cake topper is they  exude a certain uniqueness and the designs automatically becomes the cynosure of all eyes. It’s obvious to desire of a special and unique cake for your little one’s birthday celebration and at Edible Prints On Cake, we provide the most incredible designs which can truly spell an exceptional value. 
  • Latest designs - Done with seeing the outdated cake topper themes? Explore Edible Prints On Cake and no doubt, you would only witness the finest and newest designs on the block. We have the best of them all and that’s the sole reason as to why we are often touted as the best platform for edible birthday cake toppers by the cake aficionados. 
  • A personalized affair – Are you more inclined towards having a beautiful design of edible birthday cake topper which could actually reflect your specification, thoughts and ideas? We at Edible Prints On Cake can get you the exact cake toppers that you are keen to have. Rest assured we would never deviate from your line of instruction and stick to precisely what you want. 
  • Kids friendly designs - At Edible Prints On Cake, we have the most wide collection of edible birthday cake toppers that could easily complement the kids birthday parties. So, while looking for the ideal one, do not forget to check through our offerings. We undoubtedly can get you the most selective kinds. Whether it is the PJ Masks or wonder woman or for that matter spider man or Paw Patrol, we just have it all and more to satiate your demand. 
  • Affordable prices – It’s great to have something really awesome at an affordable price. At Edible Prints On Cake, we are glad to present you some exceedingly amazing designs that too at the most reasonable prices. 
  • Quality rocks - We prioritize nothing more than the quality. It has always been our perpetual effort to dish out the premium quality edible birthday cake toppers and it gives us immense pride that we have effortlessly been able to succeed in our endeavour. Our toppers are completely safe to eat and can absolutely taste delicious. 

Edible Prints On Cake comes in different sizes and shapes. We certainly have the expertise and experience to bring out some cool designs of edible cake toppers. So, what are you waiting for? Keep looking for our page to discover the new entrants to our already alluring list.

Edible Birthday Cake Topper - The Best Ideas to Tap on for Birthdays Posted on 4 Aug 08:48 , 0 comments

Birthdays are the most incredible occasion which people of all age group like to celebrate with in their preferred way.  Some likes to host a gala party whereas there are some, who simply wants their special day to be spent in the company of a few loved ones without much pomp and show. The style of celebration may differ but what remains the same is the inclusion of a delectable cake.

Edible birthday cake topper

You cannot take out a cake from a birthday celebration. Cakes are the inevitable part of the birthdays since time immemorial. However the evolution of cakes has been pretty much palpable and with time, one has witnessed several designs of cakes which have dominated the scene periodically. One of the major cake design trend which seems to have created the biggest impact in the world of bakery is the edible birthday cake topper.

Since the emergence of edible birthday cake topper, this has been stuck in the hearts of the cake lovers. When it comes to birthdays, edible cake toppers are undoubtedly the popular choice and going by its fondness among the people, this shall definitely continue to rule the roost for a long time to come.

At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer incredible variety of edible birthday cake topper which can content the taste buds in just one bite. The fact that we design the edible birthday cake toppers with absolute finesse is indeed a great reason for you to choose us.

Find out why edible birthday cake topper is the best choice:

  • 1) Easy for Customization - The biggest reason behind the popularity of edible birthday cake toppers lies in the variety it is available in. You may stretch your imagination to a different level altogether and yet find that your quirky and convoluted ideas can easily be incorporated in the edible cake toppers. In a nutshell, there is no such thought and idea which cannot be translated into the edible cake toppers. A personalized cake topper can create a unique impact with ease. You just need to zero in on the right professionals to do it so. Needless to say, Edible Prints On Cake can turn out to be the ideal choice.
  • 2) Offer variety – At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer a wide range of edible birthday Cake toppers that can simply enhance the joy of the occasion.  Cakes no doubt are the primary factor which the guests look forward to.  If it is the birthday of your little one, rest assured, Edible Prints On Cake can provide the best kind of edible cake toppers that the kids absolutely would surely drool over. Be it the PJ masks or the Shopkins birthday cake topper or for that matter the call of the duty cake toppers and Paw Patrol toppers, we have the most preferred choices of kids as edible toppers.
  • 3) Exceptional vision - What makes edible cake toppers stand out among all other kinds are it has a certain attractiveness which just cannot be matched by any other kind of cake design. At Edible Prints On Cake, we take utmost care to give a perfect finesse with a flawless detailing to the cake design. We understand how complicated the edible birthday cake toppers can be.  They require extraordinarily skilled hand and we certainly can assure to be the best choice for our sheer experience and expertise.
  • 4) Pocket-friendly affair - The general perception about edible birthday cake toppers are they are quite expensive to have. Well truth be told, they are definitely pricy as compared to the basic ones. However as for having a uniquely themed edible birthday cake topper, this is pretty naturally justified to be a bit more expensive. Nonetheless the detailed work that goes into it makes it look an affordable investment.

Looking forward to celebrate birthday with a distinctive cake design? Opt for our delicious edible birthday cake topper. 

Edible Birthday Cake Topper - The Key to Make Birthday Celebration Special Posted on 23 Jun 05:30 , 0 comments

Has edible birthday cake topper won over your taste buds? Surely this is in fad and edible toppers indeed command a unique appeal which can clearly be attributed to its massive popularity.  

The curtains are down on the basic designed cakes and they no longer hold the charisma which the edible birthday cake topper exudes. With the varied options available in edible cake topper, there’s no limitation to its idea and this can easily fit in into the birthday celebrations of all kinds. You maybe a 9 year old or a 90 year old, the thought of edible cake topper can be integrated into the celebrations with absolute ease.

edible birthday cake topper

Find out what makes edible cake topper a wonderful pick?

  • A visual delight -

    The best part about edible cake toppers are, they are quite attractive to look at and have a certain uniqueness which instantly makes them a hit with the onlookers.  In fact, with edible cake toppers, you can have the option of trying varied designs, which can help you have a thing of your liking.  

  • Heavenly taste -

    With edible cake toppers, you do not have to forgo the criteria of taste at all. In fact it would taste better than the generic designs. The flavors of course would add value and make the cake have a delectable impact. 

  • A great idea to personalize -

    Personalization has many takers and with edible cake topper, the rate is indeed quite high. These days, people actually love to have a customized cake that can clearly depict the vision of their eyes. At Edible Prints On Cake, we can pull off all sorts of specification with exactness. Rest assured when it comes to finesse and taste, you cannot find a better option than us to rely on for edible cake topper. 

  • Exude class -

    Edible cake topper surely does convey the class factor which a basic cake may just lack to display. In today’s time and age, everyone wants a birthday cake of exceptional kind, and we at Edible Prints On Cake can certainly live up to the expectation. 


All set to blow your birthday candles? Trust us to offer you the best edible birthday cake topper to celebrate with.


Edible Birthday Cake Topper – 5 Hacks to Choose the Right Posted on 6 Mar 05:56 , 0 comments

Cake toppers can enhance any ordinary looking cake and give it an amazing allure. But it’s all about having the right kinds. Your search for cake toppers may just make you come across a myriad of choices and having the right one does matter a lot. It’s after all your special someone’s birthday and you cannot go wrong with the idea of getting the best edible birthday cake topper to compliment the occasion.

Edible Birthday Cake Topper – 5 Hacks to Choose the Right

If you are looking to create some surprising impact with a cake, it’s imperative to select the apt cake toppers. They are the most attractive features of the cakes and one certainly cannot imagine a birthday celebration without a cake cutting moment. No doubt birthdays fill in a pleasant feeling with a sense of great joy and they can offer incredible glory to the whole event.

Here are a few important pointers to take note of when you decide to get the edible birthday cake topper

A professional expertise –

It is quite important to take the perfect pick of professional when it comes to having an edible birthday cake topper. You may be an avid baker who tries hand at different flavored cakes at home, but as far as the edible birthday cake topper is concerned, it could be a little difficult recipe to crack for someone novice. Experts are the ones who should be trusted for this as they have been in the business for good many years. Expertise can gauge from various aspects, which includes the variety they know of.

Striking cake toppers -

Cake toppers are an extremely important part of cakes and they must have an eye-catching quality about them. So, before you place an order for your cake, make sure to check out the offerings of the cakes well enough to have the finest design. A professional baker would never shy from giving an insight about his detailed offerings. Moreover, we all want our birthday cake to be attractive. So, it is indeed important that you have a cake that could exude the extravagance in a meaningful way.

Theme specific –

If you want a birthday cake that could draw attention, a theme specified cake topper can just be the right pick all the way. The fact that edible birthday cake toppers can successfully deliver variety of themes with finesse makes it all the more appealing to have. Thus, in order to have a birthday cake that could instantly connect with the host as well as the guests, one should order an intricately designed cake to celebrate the occasion in a prolific manner.

Out of the box design -

Uniqueness matters and it is one of the most important things that people look for in cakes. So, if you desire to get a cake that has the distinctive appearance, edible birthday cake topper would fit in as the best. Therefore, it is upon you to check it in a proper way to settle on the right cake design.

Within budget -

Budget matters and there is no denying to that. There is of course no problem in looking for an affordable option of cake toppers. However never compromise with the quality factor. Quality undoubtedly matters and it should be highly prioritized. You may find some of the options in lower cost, but getting them just for the mere fact that they are available in a reasonable price calls for a raw deal.

You surely know a lot now about the edible birthday cake toppers. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and place your order now at:

Decorate the Cake with Edible Birthday Cake Topper for an Exceptional Appeal Posted on 27 Feb 10:30 , 0 comments

A birthday without a cake is difficult to imagine. If you are all set to throw a birthday bash for your special someone, cake could be the foremost thing you must be thinking right now. Having a right kind of cake can enhance the birthday vibe and make it an even more joyful for the birthday boy/girl. When we are talking about birthdays, how can we not discuss about the cake toppers. With numerous types of edible birthday cake topper flooding in the market, it may just be quite daunting for you to choose the apt one.

Cake toppers have evolved through time and they come in incredible variety but not all kinds can do justice to your idea of birthday cake. At least you have to be conscious about the theme of the party while selecting the edible birthday cake topper. It would appear to be completely misplaced if the cake toppers don’t go well with the theme. Thus, make sure you find the best.

Decorate the Cake with Edible Birthday Cake Topper for an Exceptional Appeal

Here’s a lowdown on things that you must check about edible birthday cake topper

Depiction of creativity –

There could be insanely attractive cake designs that can pop out your eyes with amusement. And there as well be the designs which may lack depth and come across as conventional and common. Therefore, when you plan a birthday party for your loved one, simply ensure that you do not commit the mistake of zeroing in on anything in haste. Take your time and explore the options before you finally spot something extraordinarily creative.

A beautiful finesse –

Cracking the idea of edible birthday cake topper is not everyone’s cup of tea it is. When it comes to birthday, the occasion demands everything organized and wonderful integration of things. With professionals, you can be sure of getting an elegant birthday cake toppers. However if you are an avid baker and feels you can give it a try at home, the thought could fall flat at face. No matter how good you are, you would certainly not match up to the expertise of the professionals.

Taste matters –

When you think of having an edible birthday cake topper, you cannot just go for the mere attractiveness in the lieu of taste. No doubt a cake should look gorgeous but having said that, the taste should be equally delicious as well. Basically you should hire someone who could efficiently deliver the both.

Easy with personalization –

If you are willing to bring out something out of the box with the designs, you certainly can go for personalization. A personalized edible birthday cake topper can be greatly eye-catching and create an amazing impression. Undoubtedly, the uniqueness of the cake can fill the birthday boy/girl with immense joy as it is human tendency that we admire the distinctiveness and never seen before stuffs more than what we keep on seeing on the regular basis.

Cake toppers in budget –

Many believe that having cake toppers from professional may cost a little high. Of course if you want sheer perfection and get on board a well reputable baking professional, it is quite obvious to expect a hefty cost, but the quality would please you and give you a worthwhile feeling indeed. Nevertheless, quality edible cake toppers are surely available in an affordable price and you really do not have to worry about breaking the bank for it.

So, get started with the birthday plans and pick the breathtaking edible cake toppers to enhance the charm of the party. Rest assured the party would be one gala affair with the addition of a stunning cake.



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