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Celebrate your House-Warming Party with Custom Edible Images for Cakes Posted on 12 Sep 05:36 , 0 comments

Buying a house is one of our major investments. It is like a dream come true for many of us! So finally when you are super excited since you have achieved one of the biggest goals of life, now it is time to celebrate. Not only you but also your near and dear ones, including your family, relatives, and neighbors, are super excited about your new purchase.

But like every occasion, it too demands a cake. A nicely decorated cake will catch everyone’s attention and will keep the guests hooked to it, so even a minor decoration will work.

Many of us are fond of cakes and cupcakes so it will serve as a nice delicacy both before and after the party.

Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers

Nowadays printed cakes and cupcake topper are trendsetters and liked by many of us.

Further, you can surprise your guests by making your own cake. The best idea would be to buy a freshly frosted cake and layer it with a custom edible image for the cake of your choice that you can order from EPOC.

The reason being it will reflect your taste. All you have to do is visit the site of EPOC and attach the image you would like to appear on the topper.

Why prefer EPOC to buy cake Toppers?

  • Edible:As the name insists the cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are edible. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing the toppers are free from Kosher and allergen and are approved by the FDA.

  • Variety:EPOC has an extensive collection of cake toppers. Cake and cupcake toppers are available for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, business inauguration. In short, cake toppers are available for both formal and informal occasions.

  • Personalization: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC come with an element of personalization. You can quote any message that you would like to appear on top of the cake topper. All you need is to visit our site and quote the message.
  • Copy right Assurance: We are highly ethical and ensure there is no copyright infringement. So you can send us an image of your choice and get it printed on the topper and remain rest assured.
  • Economical: The toppers you order from EPOC have a shelf life of twelve months. But the condition lies it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.

  • Easy to apply:The cake topper is easy to apply all you have to do is peel off the backing layer of the frosting sheet and lay it on top of a freshly frosted cake.


One can also order custom edible cupcake toppers from EPOC if you want to decorate cupcakes for the special occasion. The cupcakes will be idle if there are kids on occasion. Get well-decorated cakes and cupcakes that too without heavy icing by ordering from EPOC.

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Best Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers Themes Posted on 5 Feb 04:41 , 0 comments

Cakes are the centre of attraction for every occasion. The idea of custom edible cupcake toppers fascinates many. Having a selfie of oneself printed on the cake and eating it sounds enthralling to almost everyone. Cakes are loved by almost all age groups and are perfect delicacies that anyone would want to munch.

At Edible Prints on the cake, we have custom edible cupcake toppers, custom edible images for cakes to match any occasion and theme. They are Kosher and allergen free and approved by FDA. All cake toppers are visually appealing and taste delectable. No matter what age group you would want to cater to or which occasion would you like to serve, we are always ready to surprise you with our unmatchable cake toppers.

Interesting little facts about edible images:                                       

These cake toppers are printed on a frosting sheet using edible printers especially designed for crafting the cake toppers. Further, the ink used for printing is also absolutely edible.

Events when you can use custom edible cupcake toppers and custom edible images for cakes?

Birthday parties:

 One of the most celebrated occasions, when you can use edible images on cakes, are the birthday parties. Birthdays for different age groups come with different preferences. When it is the birthday of your kiddo, you can gift him a cake with the printed image of his favourite cartoon character. When it is a birthday of your little angel, you can gift her fairy cake themed cake and see the delight on the face of the little ones.


Gift a cake with a topper of a printed image of your beau’s and yourself on your anniversary to see the love in his eyes for you and make the moment a little more romantic and cozy coupled with a candlelight dinner.

If it’s your wedding anniversary, then gift your spouse a cake with an image of your first wedding day and make the moment livelier with guests around complimenting on your theme. Further, the cake forms the centre of attraction, and you will be surprised by praises you will receive from your guests for your choice.

Bachelor party:

When you’re a best friend is going to be hitched and is happily throwing a bachelor party.  What would suit the theme well than gifting him a cake with the printed cake topper of his favourite Hollywood bombshell? With all the boozing and music tracks on, this cake will form the centre of attraction.

Graduation day:

When you have finally graduated and want to make it a gala event with your beloved friends, what would be ideal than getting a printed topper with a collage of your graduation day? You can send us the group photo with a personalised message, and we will provide you with the edible printed cake topper with the same image that you have suggested. The cake will bring back the memories of college days, and many would burst into tears of joy. With all the soft melodies of college songs flowing in the air combined with the cake and other delicacies will make your graduation day unforgettable.


We at edible prints on the cake are waiting to make you every moment special. We have custom cakes to suit all of your themes. They are not only edible but also tastes delectable. Further, placing the topper on the freshly baked or frosted cake is also easy. All you have to do is peel off the back side of your cake and place it on the cake. So now when you know the benefits of ordering the custom printed cakes to match your theme, Order now and make every moment special!

Custom Edible Images for Cakes Vs Traditional Cake Decor – Find The Difference! Posted on 7 Sep 00:55 , 0 comments

Do you absolutely relish cakes and want to try out something as unique and special as possible during an upcoming celebratory occasion? Well, if that’s what you are looking for, you certainly cannot resist the idea of custom edible images for cakes. There are many amazing cake decor available but it wouldn’t be exciting enough to have a cake design that is practically ubiquitous. Thus, the best to do is to opt for a personalized design that can mark its presence exceptionally.

Custom Edible Images for Cakes - A Highly Palatable Addition to Your Celebration Posted on 21 Jun 03:37 , 0 comments

Are you looking for celebrating a birthday bash of your dearest one or it’s just an occasion to rejoice a happy moment, cakes add its own amazing charm to the party. If you want to bring your own idea and thoughts to make it even more special, the best is to opt for custom edible images for cakes.  

There are several amazing edible cake toppers available but the one which has truly been popular for a while is the custom edible images for cakes.  Do not restrict your creative thoughts and let it flow to have an extraordinarily unique cake decor.

custom edible images for cakes

At Edible Prints On Cake, we bring incredibly designed cake toppers with the added perk of a personalized touch. At times, seeing the same kind of edible cake images kills the excitement of having them for your own bash.  Hence the idea of custom edible images for cakes seems to be quite an alluring.  

With custom edible images for cakes, you can add that extra pizzazz into the air and feast your guests’ eyes with an awesome looking cake decor. When people discuss cakes, both appearance and taste matters. With custom edible cake images, you can certainly have both these aspects.

Cutting a special cake will induce a different charm and with custom cake images, you will surely get that greatly enhanced excitement for your cake-cutting moment.

Check out how amazingly special custom edible cake images are:

A rare sight

Your custom edible images for cakes will make for a rare sight with all its novelty intact.  No matter whether you are looking for birthday cake toppers or cake decor for a wedding anniversary, the key is to have a never-seen-before cake and with a personalized cake, it is quite easily possible.

A theme based cake decor

Having a cake topper of a relevant and trendy theme can surely be a fun thing to do.  As far as custom images are concerned, they certainly can be a chosen one from your own album or it can be something along the lines of new-age trendy designs. Nevertheless, having a custom cake image will definitely prove to be a good idea.

Elegance and sophisticated vision

Edible cake images give a classy reflection hence they are extremely popular among all. Not only do the kiddos, but even the adults find it quite exciting. In fact, the best part about custom cake images is they are versatile and is suitable for every occasion and celebration.

Quality cake decor

Quality is the primary factor and there can be no compromise in this. Custom images for cakes are made with quality materials and they can surely be amazing to have. If you are looking for innovative cake toppers with immense quality, be sure that Edible Prints On Cake can fulfill your demands with ease.

Affordable yet exclusive

Custom birthday cake images are quite affordable and yet they are a complete exclusive impression. Of course, a personalized cake topper demands an elaborate detailing hence the price may be a little higher than the traditional cake designs nevertheless they do not ask for a hefty price.

You surely now know how incredibly special custom images for cakes can be. Hurry up and order now!

Custom Edible Images for Cakes - The Reasons to Have It in Special Occasions Posted on 6 Mar 07:44 , 0 comments

With the addition of toppers, a cake can exude a different charm altogether and carry a special vision.  A “cake cutting moment” makes its way in every possible happy occasion. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday bash or for that matter an anniversary, the presence of cake enhances the whole fervour of the occasion and make it an exciting affair.

custom edible images

The amazing idea of custom edible images can indeed weave a magic on your special day. Undoubtedly cakes are the sweet dessert that we all love and with toppers on it, it will be simply too hard to resist.  

Custom edible images for cakes can add that extra appeal to your celebratory vibes. There’s no doubt that custom cake designs are the ultimate eye-catcher and will certainly fascinate your guests. They surely make for a gorgeous centerpiece and can help make your bash a talking point.

Some people have their passion lies in trying out different kind of cakes.  If you are one of them who likes to have a unique cake decor; custom edible images for cakes is the best bet for you.

At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer various kind of edible cake decor. But it is the custom edible images for cakes which are forever in demand. Rest assured we infuse absolute perfection in the design.

Following are a few best reasons to choose custom edible images for cakes:

It’s emblematic 

Printing images on cakes has emerged as a great way to make the celebration happier. While there are a lot of designs already in the stock; however when it comes to custom edible images for cakes; there’s just nothing that could beat its allure. Custom cake decor represents a particular thought, idea and memory due to which it is so incredibly popular among the cake lovers. At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer absolute best in personalized edible cake images.

A special gesture 

A custom edible cake image helps creating a special and memorable moment.  This shows the effort and emotions that has been invested into it. The best part is you can make someone extremely special and important with a customized cake. At Edible Prints On Cake, we assure to create the finest cake designs exactly as according to the vision and specification of the client. No matter what you desire, you will definitely see it in its full glory with our creation.

Professional assistance

It’s all about having the best that too from a professional.  A professional can indeed weave a magic with the custom edible images. Frankly, a novice can never be able to achieve the precision and detailing that an experienced can. At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer the best and can assure to leave you satisfied with our incredible personalized cake toppers.

Infuse uniqueness

With custom edible images for cake, you can present something unique and extraordinary which will stand out on its own right. They are extremely delectable and absolutely delicious. Cake decorating in itself is an art and not everyone is good at it. However a reliable professional can do it the best that too with perfect ease.  If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind cake decor, you certainly can get the expected and desirable personalized cake decor from Edible Prints On Cake.

Custom edible images for cakes surely are the finest reflection of cake designs and they certainly are in trend. At Edible Prints On Cake, you will positively get what you want. Hurry up and order now!


Here’s Why the Printed Cake Image Makes for the Perfect Party Cakes Posted on 24 Nov 08:06 , 0 comments

No matter how much we grow in life, age and stature, we all at some point gets nostalgic about our childhood days and those special birthday celebrations that our parents used to host for us. It fills the heart with boundless joy when we remember the birthday gifts that our Mom and Dad used to bestow us with. And now, when the tables have turned and we have our little ones in our life, it is not unusual that we too want to extend the same birthday celebration pleasure to our kiddos.  Time has changed and so has the party ideas.  The traditional cakes have been replaced with the printed cake image which reflects the progressiveness of today’s party ideas.

There’s always a new theme and a new trend lurking around in the market.  But the one which has truly dominated the hearts of cake lovers are the printed cake image. A desire for uniqueness often makes people opt for this delectable cake design and needless to add indeed the kids relish it to the core!

Check out how the custom edible images for cakes successfully makes an impact:

  • 1) A unique impression – When it comes to custom edible images for cakes, they surely draw attention in the most subtle manner. You can choose a food art or edible tattoo and images and showcase a distinctive idea in a creative way. Cake toppers add a lot to the vision of the cake. Basically it is the alluring picture of the cake which the people instantly take note of. Thus, a personalized printed cake image can certainly be a good idea to go with. 
  • 2) A cool idea to make statementCustom edible images for cakes can beautifully make your feelings and emotions evident. Choose it to display the love you have for your baby. Whether you want to go with the print cake image or you simply want to add a few lines of messages, the thought can prove to be quite enticing. 

With the use of custom edible images, you can express in an amazing way. So give it a thought to create a dynamic cake design. 

  • 3) Delectable and affordable – The general perception about custom edible images are they are pricey and hence not feasible for every pocket. Whereas this is an absolutely misinformed notion. The fact is printed cake images are available in quite an affordable price and it comes in all forms which make it easy for you to even settle for something that is less convoluted and inexpensive. Needless to add, custom edible images are enticingly delectable thus spending a few extra bucks on it would hardly hurt. 
  • 4) A safe touch - When it comes to printed cake images, they can be completely trusted to be safe for consumption. There are nothing added to it which could make it toxic. So, when order for edible images for cakes, choose to do it so with utmost confidence. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add the flair of printed cake image to your little one’s birthday bash and enhance fervour of the occasion. 

Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers - A Delicious and Unique Idea Posted on 11 Aug 08:33 , 0 comments

Cupcakes are too delicious to resist.  It just fills the tongue with its luscious taste and goes well with almost everyone’s palate. No doubt cupcakes have that wonderful appearance which enhances its attractiveness and make people drool over it while munching it off. There are a variety of options available as cupcake toppers but nothing surely can beat the concept of custom edible cupcake toppers.

Custom edible cupcake toppers

We at Edible Prints On Cake offer a wide range of delectable cupcake designs, however we too would agree with the fact that custom edible images for cakes and cupcakes have altogether a different allure which simply has no comparison.

When it comes to occasions like birthdays, and anniversaries, the presence of cake is a mandatory norm.  Having a personalized one can indeed enhance the grandeur of the cake and as it could be a big highlight of the event.

Uniqueness is what everyone seeks out and with custom edible cupcake toppers; the idea could easily be achieved. At Edible Prints On Cake, we have a massive expertise to infuse absolute perfectness in our customized orders.

What makes custom edible images for cakes so popular?      

  • Exude a personal feeling – Custom edible cupcake toppers naturally seep in a personal feeling and that is what makes it stand out among all other available kinds.  Blowing out candles on a cake that’s looks so familiar and can able to form connect in a glance is truly amazing. Thus the idea of custom edible images for cakes is something that can draw the attention of the people and lure them to choose it. 
  • Striking Designs – When it is about the customized designs for cupcake, they are actually quite elaborate and difficult to pull off. But we at Edible Prints On Cake can assure to dole out some incredibly eye-catching designs that could create a beautiful vibe.  No matter what you prefer to have as your cake design, we certainly can give it the accuracy and finesse you desire for. Indeed this is one of the crucial factors as to what boost up the popularity quotient of the customized idea for cupcakes. 
  • Range of themes – Themes plays a great role in ensuring the right impact of customization.  With Personalized cupcakes, there is no restriction in theme. You can easily stretch it to the highest of your imagination and yet get the precise impression. Well at least that’s what we at Edible Prints On Cake can guarantee you. When choose us, there is absolutely no reason for you to compromise with your choice of themes as we surely can accomplish all your needs with our exceptional experience. 
  • It’s affordable - Though the notion about custom edible cupcake toppers are they are too exorbitant to have but the fact is it actually isn’t so.  Of course considering personalized cake toppers are done with a lot of detailed effort, it has to be a bit more expensive than the basic ones; however it is not as costly as one would think it to be.  At Edible Prints On Cake, we offer it at a modest price and hence when you plan to order a custom edible cupcake, choose us with the confidence that you would get it at the best price you could ask for. 
  • Top quality desert – Customized cupcake toppers are surely a top quality desert and can enhance the charm of any occasion and event.  At Edible Prints On Cake, we make it with the most well tested and reliable frostings and do not miss out on anything that remotely could add to make the design better both in taste and quality. 

Excited about the thought of custom edible cupcake toppers? Order now! 

Custom Edible Images - The Scrumptious Option to Enhance Cakes Posted on 21 Mar 08:27 , 0 comments

Adding toppers on the cake is the best way to ensure an attractive cake design. With innumerable options available, it could be a daunting task to select one. However, giving a thought to custom edible images for cakes can make things easy for you to get a cake that would easily spell unique.

custom edible images for cakes

Choosing to go for personalization idea for edible toppers can give your cake a perfect turnaround from the regular kinds that you frequently spot on the bakery shops.

You just have to be clear about your choice and liking to have the custom edible images that are exactly aligned with your wants. A deviation in design could be a disappointment and could just make your plans haywire of having a one of a kind cake design. In short, you need to be extremely careful about your selection of personalized edible images.

Here’s a low down on the pointers that you should take into consideration for having the delectable custom edible images

Professional help - A lot of people have the notion that custom edible images can be accomplished through the DIY process, which may not be entirely wrong; however, one must realize the fact that if compared with the professional’s expertise, the DIY idea could just fall flat on face. It is indeed a better plan to zero in on a professional to get your custom edible images rather than burning your time at home to pull it off.

Welcome suggestion - One of the most important things that you must remember is that, you may have been allured by the custom edible images concept but you should never ignore to integrate the suggestion that the experts throws at you. When it comes to the professionals, they surely have the best knowledge and their ideas cannot be doubted or looked down upon. The fact is a professional’s advice and suggestion can only help enhance your cake design.

Suits the occasion - Having custom edible images can indeed be a great thing to opt for. Nevertheless you must make sure that you do not have something drastically different on table which would rather create a contrasting view about the occasion or for that matter the nature of the party. Simply put, the cake toppers should go well with the occasion and must be able to reflect the special factor in a comprehensive manner.

A thoughtful Theme - Custom edible images indeed makes for the best cake toppers and they surely create an interesting vibe. With such a solid idea of edible images in place, all you need to take care of is to put across the images, which could touch the heartstrings and create a soulful impact with incredible sense of joy. Basically you need to come up with a thoughtful idea that can instantly connect and hailed as the best by everyone present.

Delicious in taste - Cakes are the best to dig in and a cake-cutting moment always draws attention, so basically cakes tend to be the absolute source for giving people a mouth-watering feel. You must ensure to have a cake that has the awesome taste and can appeal in terms of both appearance and taste. Needless to say. It is always the toppers which attracts people and lure them with its gorgeous design. Hence, whenever you decide to have the custom edible images, you surely should be conscious about the taste factor.

Budget-friendly edible images - You can surely keep your budget in check when deciding to have the custom edible images. But, you must ensure not to shift from your focus on the quality part. A well tested edible images supervised under professionals are definitely the right pick and therefore you need to be careful enough to see that you do not end up compromising on this particular aspect, even though you are able to find the custom edible images in a reasonable price at some other place.  

So, excited to place an order of custom edible images? You must jot down the above-mentioned pointers to grab the best one.


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