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Tips to Finding a High Quality Cake Design Company Posted on 11 Aug 09:00 , 0 comments

Tips to Finding a High Quality Cake Design Company

There is nothing worse than going to pick up your cake and the design is so far from what you asked for and/or expected, which is why Edible Prints on Cake wants to give you all the tips you need to ensure that you can find the perfect cake design company for you. Of course, you can always skip these steps and browse through our extensive and high quality collection of cake toppers and cupcake toppers and ensure that you'll receive the mind-blowing cake design of your choice. Here are some things to look for and that certainly set Edible Prints on Cake apart from what another cake design company may offer.


Always Look At the Ingredients

This is often a cake design tip that many people overlook because the edible cake topper is such a small portion (but most important) in comparison to the rest of the cake. Just because you selected a cake that is allergen free, healthy and FDA approved doesn't necessarily mean that your edible cake topper will be as well. All of the ink and edible sheets on Edible Prints on Cake are FDA approved, kosher and allergen free to ensure that everyone attending your gathering can enjoy a slice of dessert.


 Always Look At the Ingredients

Check for Instructions

The cake design company that you choose to provide the cake topper for your next party should always provide detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how you can properly apply the design without ruining it. This is exactly why Edible Prints on Cake has made the process incredibly easy and the instructions simple. All you have to do is peel the icing sheet from the baking and lay it on your freshly frosted cake. These are provided with each and every order.



Look At the Storing and Shelf Life

When it comes to planning a party, it is always recommended to have everything ready well before the big date because there is nothing worse than rushing around on the day-of because you forgot to order a cake or party decorations. So, plan ahead and make sure that the cake design company provides information on the storing requirements and shelf life, but that it is also ideal for your needs. The shelf life of all the frosting sheets on Edible Prints on Cake lasts approximately 12 months as long as it is stored in its sealed bag, at room temperature and out of direct sun light. This is excellent for those of you planning ahead or even party planners out there that do this for a living. You can even check back and snag some special deals and buy some in bulk if you know you have some parties coming up within the next year.



Analyze the Cake Design Company's Specifics

Analyze the Cake Design Company's Specifics

Since every cake design company is different, they may have different guidelines that they follow. So, always check to see what their company is about and offers, such as personalization, shipping terms, returns and so on and so forth. With Edible Prints on Cake, customized cakes are one of our expertise and as long as you provide your detailed personalized message, we can get it done for you. However, these orders are not eligible for a return because all of the images we provide are custom made. Of course, that would be different if there was an error in the design of the cake topper or cupcake topper, but that just isn't something you ever have to worry about with our high quality performance. In addition, our shipping offers vary depending on what you are looking for. On average, delivery time is anywhere from 1-3 days with Priority Mail. Express orders take 1-2 days depending on your zip code, and international orders typically day 2-3 weeks. This is crucial information to ensure that your cake topper arrives in time for the celebration.


Lastly, the cake design company you are interested in should always have a portfolio of a sort so you can see what their finished products look like. Check through our cake topper and cupcake topper collections to see the mind-blowing edible prints that we have provided in the past.

Toddler Trends For Your Customized Cake Posted on 4 Aug 09:30 , 0 comments

Toddler Trends For Your Customized Cake

Toddlers are extremely visual, and since they can't really read and are likely still struggling to form a fully comprehensive sentence, the party ideas and cake theme are the most important elements of any kind of toddler party planning. It could say 'Merry Christmas' on their birthday cake, but as long as it showed their all-time favorite character, their day would be complete. However, such a simple mistake would never happen when you purchase cake toppers, cupcake toppers or absolutely anything from Edible Prints on Cake. So, rest be assured. Your cake theme will be complete and well beyond your toddler - and your expectations. Let’s first choose the kind of toddler trends that will make your little one's eyes grow wide with amazement. Here are characters, movies and television shows that every toddler, both boys and girls always seem to absolutely adore.



Toddlers Love Their Thomas

Toddlers Love Their Thomas

Prepare for the little ones to be running around with their arm in their air shouting 'Choo Choo' for the rest of the toddler party because once they see Thomas the Train, their happiness will be through the roof. While having little kids excitingly running around may not be your goal on a typical day, this one is different - it's their day, and you want to give them one that will forever stick in their little memories. Plus, Thomas the Train cakes also look amazing in photographs and are super Instagram-worthy when from Edible Prints on Cake. Choo Choo your way to being the best toddler party theme planner on the block!


Under The Sea Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies is right up there on the toddler trend list, and since it is highly educational and just as entertaining every parent is happy to add them on as the cake topper for their next party. Of course, the lucky toddlers love it just as much. Whether you're hosting a toddler theme party that is from under the sea or just looking for a highly creative and toddler theme cake for their birthday, Bubble Guppies is always an excellent option, Under The Sea Bubble Guppiesand you can get all the characters on one, ensuring that your toddler recognizes his favorites.


Surprise with Sesame Street

Toddlers can never get too much education in their system, and the best part is that at this age, they absolutely love learning new things. So parents might as well take advantage of it before they hit middle school and pretend to be sick every day just to get out of going to school. Sesame Street has so many characters, so if your tumbling toddler doesn't seem to have a favorite, a Sesame Street cake that has a bunch on the topper is a always toddler favorite! The vibrant colors and detailed characters will definitely have your child smiling from ear to ear before they dive right into the delicious taste of cake. Mmm.


Dance Away with a Wiggles Theme

Dance Away with a Wiggles Theme

The Wiggles television show is so popular that they actually go on tour and perform for a live audience, which is actually an excellent party idea to go along with your Wiggles cake topper. However, even if you can't get yourself a pair of tickets or they aren't in your area, throw on their television show or DVD, and serve up a Wiggles cake or Wiggles cupcakes and let the dance and sing party begin for the little ones. You'll be amazed at the quality and taste of print on this cake, since they aren't cartoon characters and the cake topper is made edible from an actual image.


These are four television shows and many more characters that seem to always pull at the heart strings of toddlers, and you can never go wrong with adding these toddler trends and party themes into the special day. The cake and/or cupcakes are often the centerpiece of the celebration and as such, should never go underestimated. After all, kids really grow up way too fast, so make sure to soak in those toddler days while you can.

Cake Characters Your Kids Will Go Crazy Over Posted on 28 Jul 10:00 , 0 comments

Cake Characters Your Kids Will Go Crazy Over

Happy Birthday to your little one, you want to give him lots of fun, so let's get them a delicious cake that you don't even have to bake. As a parent, party planning is time consuming, and spending hours on end in the kitchen baking and trying to perfect their current favorite cartoon character can just be too much. Plus, no one wants their cookie monster birthday cake to just look like a blue glob with eyes, and that is why Edible Prints on Cake is here to save the day. Now, whether you're deciding to serve cupcakes or a traditional cake, let's make sure it's just as impressive as the rest of the party. Of course, the deliciousness of it follows. Within these trending cake topper and party theme ideas, you are certain to find one that fits your kid’s current character obsession, even if you have one that is a little harder to please.


Everything Minions

Kids aren’t the only ones going crazy over the Despicable Me characters. Parents seem to be just as crazy about the silly little yellow Minions, and these little guys can make the perfect Minions cake or cupcake topper that is enjoyable for everyone. This is especially true if you’re hosting a birthday party with children and parents. Since Minions are taking over everything - even fast food chains like MacDonalds, even if your child isn't currently hooked on these hilarious characters from Despicable Me, they definitely will be shortly. Just prepare yourself for hyper kids running around quoting the movie for the rest of the day. Heck, even the parents will probably be doing the same. Minions are just awesome.


Do you want to Build a Snow Cake?

Do you want to Build a Snow Cake?

...Or rather, do you want to build a snowman? If every parent got a dime for every time they heard their child sing that phrase, we would all be millionaires. Frozen took the film industry with a storm, and it seemed like the entire world turned into a Frozen frenzy afterwards. It was an excellent movie after all, wasn't it? The greatest thing about a Frozen cake topper is that this movie is ideal for both boys and girls. Whether your child adores Elsa, Anna, Sven or the all-time-favorite character, Olaf the Snowman, Frozen is an excellent option that all the RSVP's will be drooling over as well.



Oldies but Goodies


If your child doesn't seem to be too crazy about the modern day characters but seems to have an older soul and love the classics, Edible Prints on Cake doesn't fall short in that area either and you can most certainly serve up a favorite for all of the kids. Some Disney classics that all children seem to be in love with include Lion King which is excellent for co-ed parties, any Disney princesses, or you could even bring the cake theme to new older movies such as Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, or even a Madagascar cupcake topper and well, anything you want really. Children still seem to love a little bit of Grease Lightning as well, so the cake topper doesn’t have to be a cartoon either. So, whatever movie character your kid is crazy about, it's the perfect option for being the cake centerpiece and can be found on Edible Prints on Cake.



Think Outside of the Movie Theater

 Think Outside of the Movie Theater

It is likely that your child and all of their party friends love some television and video game characters just as much as they do with the ones mentioned previously. So, instead of thinking outside of the box, think outside of the movie theater and app screen and let Edible Prints on Cake provide a scrumptious desert that completes the party theme. You likely already monitor what your child watches on television or plays on their video consoles, but some incredibly trending television shows and characters right now include; Angry Birds (just make sure to tell the kids that these ones aren't intended to be thrown across a room), anything Mine craft, Plants Vs. Zombies and for the little ladies out there, One Direction Cake is an absolute must.


The best part about receiving all of this information is that you don't have to put out a fortune for a perfectly designed cake or cupcakes, and these party toppers can be found with a couple of clicks on the Edible Prints on Cake website. Happy shopping and a very happy birthday to the lucky one turning a year older. Your party planning just got simpler.



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