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Celebrate your Spouse’s Birthday with Personalized Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 4 Sep 01:58 , 0 comments

Birthdays are always special, and so is the spouse in our life. Our better half fills our life with lot of happiness. They are our soul mates, and we spend a crucial stage of life with them.

Our wives are the epitome of love and sacrifice, and just like when the tiny bird leaves its nest to seek new opportunities in life. Our wife’s become our backbone and supports us when our children often have to leave us in search of greener pastures.

Our wife does not only make our life complete but gives us many lovely memories that we hold until our last breath. So, if you are planning to surprise your lady love on her birthday, buy a personalized birthday cake topper from EPOC and lay it on top of a freshly frosted cake.

Personalized birthday cake topper, birthday cake topper

Personalized cake topper adds an element of love and makes the celebration even more special. One can share a photo of her wife to be printed on the topper.

The very first thing anyone would try to locate on birthdays is cakes. So a nicely decorated cake with a proper theme will uplift the mood of partying.

Why buy Personalized Birthday Cake Topper?

  • Edible: Almost all the cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are edible and free from any allergen and kosher. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing the image are approved by the FDA.
  • Treat to Eyes: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are a real treat to eye. Most of them have a rich lustrous look and look delectable. It keeps everyone’s eyes glued to it.
  • Economical: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are economical and have a shelf life of twelve months. But the condition applies it should be stored in a sealed bag away from heat and light.
  • Easy to apply: The cake topper is quite easy to apply. All you have to do is peel off the backing layer of the frosting sheet and place it gently on the freshly frosted cake.
  • Personalization: The cake topper comes with an element of personalization. You can quote message for your beloved ones on the topper in a very crisp and clean way. All you have to do is visit our site online and quote the message you want to appear on top of the cake.
  • Customization: You can create your cake topper for your special occasion. Visit us online and send us the photo or picture that you want to appear on the topper and get your own customized printed image. Again we further keep the details of our customers to ourselves and ensure there will not be any copyright infringement.
  • Versatility: With EPOC you can find cake toppers for almost all occasions. We have cakes for anniversaries, birthdays and business inaugurations.


No matter what kind of cake toppers you are looking for, you can find it on our site. We produce cake toppers for birthdays and many such occasions. We deal with printed cake toppers that come with easy application and include instructions as well. Now, no more heavy messy icing of traditional cakes to deal with to decorate your cake, when you get easy to pop on top of cake toppers.

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Make Your Sister’s Birthday Special with Birthday Cake Topper from EPOC Posted on 28 May 03:32 , 0 comments

It is wonderful to have siblings in our life. Without siblings, our life is boring and dull. Although we all have experienced little fights with our brothers or sisters, when we are in need, our siblings are our lifeline. So, if you have a sweet little sister who is the apple of your eye and her birthday is approaching. You might be wondering what to gift her and make her feel like a little princess.  If you are planning something special for your sister’s birthday, do not forget the cake aspect. A nicely decorated cake will make her feel special.

Birthday Cake Topper

Nowadays cakes have turned trendier unlike the traditional cakes with heavy and messy icing. The best way to decorate a cake for birthdays is by ordering birthday cake toppers from EPOC.

Why prefer birthday cake Topper from EPOC?

  • Treat to Eyes: Birthday cake Toppers ordered from EPOC are the real eye candies. The rich, velvety texture and prints keep everyone’s eyes hooked to it.
  • Ambrosial yet edible: The cake toppers are not only ambrosial but are also edible. The topper, apart from looking delectable, is free from any Kosher and Allergen. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing the images are approved by the FDA.
  • Economical: The cake toppers are very economical. The toppers ordered from EPOC come with a shelf life of twelve months. But the condition remains the toppers should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.
  • A lot many Themes: The cake toppers sold by EPOC come in a wide variety of themes to suit every occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries, business inaugurations. The topper can suit anyone’s taste and mood as the options are plenty.
  • Easy to Apply: The cake toppers are quite easy to apply. All you need is peel off the backing of the topper and lay it gently on a freshly frosted cake. The condition remains the cake should not be refrigerated else it could lead to the formation of misty drops on the cake.
  • Add your personality: With plenty of images available. The cake toppers help you add your personality to the cake. You can choose your favorite theme to reflect your personality to your guests. Kids choose cartoons or their favorite sport. While you also can choose the favorite celeb available in our collection.
  • Copyright: We also give an option to you to print your picture on the cake topper. You can remain to rest assured since we strictly follow the copyright instructions and your images won’t get leaked anywhere.
  • Personalization: The cake topper allows us to add personalization to the cakes. One can quote any special message by visiting online on our site. We will print the message with clarity on the topper, unlike the traditional heavy icing.


We at Edible Prints On Cake have unmatchable themes, and our toppers can make any occasion special. So, if you are planning to make your sister’s birthday a special one, choose her favorite theme and delight her on her birthday. A celebration is incomplete without a cake and having a nicely decorated cake will get lots of praises.

How to Make Your Party Special with Birthday Cake Topper? Posted on 13 Dec 00:59 , 0 comments

Cakes are a part of celebration be it a birthday or anniversary. These occasions are incomplete without the presence of cakes. The variation in the design of the cakes varies according to the event.

Cakes made with different flavor and textures makes the occasion memorable. Kids are fascinated by the design flavor and textures. To make the occasion unique happy birthday cake topper is printable on the top of the cake.

Make Your Party Special with Birthday Cake Topper

Add a Fun to the Occasion with Cake Toppers  

There are many options in the market to decorate a cake, but the addition of topper on the cake makes the cake look extraordinary. A cake made with the topper has become a trend in the present scenario. A unique birthday cake toppers add a charm to the occasion.

Why Select Birthday Cake Topper for Occasion

There are many reasons why birthday cake toppers are the first choice of the people who want to make their occasion memorable.     

(1.)    Add Personal Touch to the Cake

The cake made with the edible photos gives a personal touch to the celebration. The cake designed tells a lot about your feelings as well as it is appreciated by guest at the party. A message with fun birthday cake toppers for adults makes the occasion special either it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding.

(2.)    Saves your Money

An event requires a lot of preparation to make it memorable. A cake made with the edible images can easily be purchased at our online store. We are here to make your celebration special for a reasonable budget. The printed images take less time.  Get your favorite toppings on the cake according to the occasion.

(3.)    Easy to Use

Applying the topper on the cake is effortless. Either it is your kids birthday, or it is weeding the edible photos are easy to apply on the cake without taking much time. Enjoying mouth-watering birthday cake with toppings is fun.

(4.)    Edible and Safe for Consumption

Cakes made with edible images are safe for consumption. Our team works in a hygienic environment to maintain the quality. The materials used in the edible images are approved by FDA which is free from allergens and fit for consumption.

A delicious cake at the party catches the attention of the guest. With the addition of the edible images, it makes an ordinary cake into an extraordinary one as well give you a lot of sweet memories to cherish forever.

Make Your Birthday Special with Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 27 Nov 04:52 , 0 comments

Cakes are the ultimate attractions in a birthday party. The icing, flavor, and texture of cake make it look beautiful as well as delicious. Apart from all the ingredients adding a topper on the cake has become a trend in the present scenario.

Edible cake prints are very common in social events like birthday anniversary, weddings, etc. Having a cake at the party with edible prints add a charm to the occasion

The Delectable Cake Designs

The birthday cake topper is prepared on the frosting sheets due to which it looks charming when applied on the cake. From kids to the older people everyone loves to have a cake made with the edible images. There are numerous options available to explore the edible images for the cake which will create a distinct impression on the guest. 

Make Your Birthday Special with Birthday Cake Topper

Reasons to consider the cake with edible images as the best option for the parties:-

  • Give a personal touch to the cake: - Cake made with edible images allows you to give a personal touch as they are made for your loved ones. A cake dedicated to your loved one is the touching moment for them. A surprise birthday cake with a picture that holds an unforgettable moment in their life will make the moment special.
  • Easy to Use: - Having cakes with edible images is fun to have on your birthday. The personalized birthday cake topper can easily be applied to the cake. Even the children love to have edible cake images on their birthday. Just peel and use them on the ordinary cake to make them extraordinary.
  • Affordable: - The fancy images on the cake are not going to affect your budget. People who are looking to surprise their kids on their birthday the edible cake images are the best options for them. People can have unlimited fun in a limited budget and make the occasion special.
Making cakes with the edible images are truly fun, and your kids will love to have it on their birthday. The beautifully decorated cake catches the attention of the guest at the party. There are numerous options available which can be crafted on the cake to make it look gorgeous and yummy. So turn your ordinary looking cake to the extraordinary one and have a blast at the birthday party.

Make Your Cake Unique With Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 16 Nov 05:18 , 0 comments

Birthday cakes are one of the centers of attraction at the birthday party. The kids are equally fascinated and excited about the texture and decoration of the cake. There are hundreds of designs available in the market to make your cake unique and special.

The final touch on the cake which grabs the attention of the guest at the party is the cake topper. A simple looking cake becomes extraordinary once the cake topper is added with different color and themes. The birthday cake topper gives a fun and playful look to the cake.

Birthday Cake Topper

 Make the Occasion Special        

The wise decision is to select the right cake topper which is compatible to the occasion. Generally, the cake is meant for the kid’s birthday, and there is a lot of option like cartoon characters or the superheroes which can be used on the cake as a topper. Including cake topper on the cake on your kid’s birthday is the best way to show your unconditional love for your kids.

The toppings are available in numerous designs and themes, but the most popular is the edible cake prints which ads a cherry on the cake. It is effortless to transfer the real photos on the top of the cake and make it unique.

Why Select the Birthday Cake Topper?       

Either it is a birthday or anniversary birthday cake topper is the best for all occasions. The good cake print is something which you will love.

The reasons to select the cake topper are listed below:-

Allows personalization to the cake

The cake topper enables the people to depict their creativity on the cake. Either it’s your favorite quote, or it is your picture with your soul mate everything can be designed on the top of the cake to makes you feel special. The occasion becomes unique and memorable with the birthday cake toppers.

Safe for Consumption

The cake prints are safe for consumption as the entire team works in a healthy and clean environment. The materials, as well as the cake inks used for the cake toppers, are approved by FDA. The ink is free from all kinds of allergens.

Lots of Option to Choose

Kids are often fascinated by the cartoon characters and the superheroes. Getting them engraved on the top of the cake makes the moment magical for the kids. The rich textures and the fantastic design are there to bring a big smile on your kid's face.

The addition of the birthday cake topper is the real twist to the celebration cake. People can express their feelings to their loved ones with the help of the cake toppers. The toppings are sufficient to impress the guest as well as make the kids fall in love with the cake.

Make a Perfect Cake with Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 9 Nov 07:56 , 0 comments

Do you want a perfect addition to your birthday cake to make your birthday special? 

It is easy to give an appealing look to your cake by adding cake toppers. They come in many themes. The kids enjoy the attention on their birthday, and the addition of the cake toppers make the moments even more magical. Once the party is over the guest are going to leave the place with lots of sweet memories for a lifetime.

Why select the Birthday Cake Topper?

A simple looking cake becomes extraordinary with the addition of the birthday cake topper.

Reasons to select the birthday cake topper are listed below:

birthday cake topper

Give a personal touch to the cake

Addition of the cake topper gives an elegant style to the cake. Giving a personal touch to the cake is easy. Either it is a quote or a character from superhero series anything can be designed on the cake topper. They are going to be super delicious and yummy once they are applied over the cake.

Lot of Options To Choose      

Kids are fascinated by cartoon character and superheroes. When these characters are engraved on the top of the cake. It is quite a happy and exciting moment for the kids. The rich textures come with interesting flavors. The beautifully decorated cake will bring a big smile on your kid's face.

Healthy to Serve

The birthday cake topper is made from the edible inks. A cake topper is prepared by the experienced chefs who can mold the designs on the top of the cake. The materials and inks used for the cake toppers are approved by the FDA which is free from the allergens and fit for consumption.


A good print on the cake is in the budget. People who are looking to celebrate in a minimum budget. This is the best option for them. The flavor of the cake is quite yummy and delicious.

A design or decoration can add a twist to the cake. The cake made with the topper makes it appealing and suitable for the birthday. The creativity on the top of the cake is sufficient to make the guest, as well as the kids, fall in love with the cake. So, place the order to make your celebration special.

Birthday Cake Topper – The Awesome Adornment for Birthday Cakes Posted on 8 Aug 03:37 , 0 comments

Locked the party venue and selected the decoration? Well, birthday celebrations demand much more than these factors. In birthday parties, the focus lies a lot more on having a perfect theme, delicious food and last but not the least, the yummiest cake. A fun themed birthday bash with a unique and attractive birthday cake can indeed rock the occasion. Cake has been the constant of almost all kinds of happy celebration, however when it comes to a birthday bash, cake certainly turns out to be the most glowing part. Everyone just looks forward to the moment when the cake is cut. A delectable and attractive birthday cake topper can surely enhance the allure of the occasion and make your cake the most amazingly beautiful vision.

Birthday Cake Topper - Edible Prints On Cake

An extremely attractive birthday cake topper can easily highlight the cake. Birthday calls for celebration and a delicious cake truly create a magical experience. Cake toppers comes in a lot of different varieties and your choice should be largely dependent on the theme choose.

It is all about knowing exactly what you want. If you are convinced about selecting a particular theme, the intent should be to pick the kind that will go well with the party theme. In fact you can even try for a personalized birthday cake topper idea. It is definitely something fun that you can try.

Take a look at 3 amazing birthday cake topper ideas that can simply induce the coolest birthday bash:

#1: Go for personalization

There is nothing more fun than a personalized cake topper idea. It will help you adorn your cake with the kind of toppers you want and desire. The speciality of personalized birthday cake toppers are they can match your vision and display your thoughts sans any ambiguity.  

#2: A safe and healthy choice

Edible birthday cake toppers are an absolutely safe choice.  It is important that you explore all choices before zeroing in on the one that truly match the safety standard. It may be a difficulty to know all the ingredients but when it comes to Edible Prints On Cake, you can fully find it the best to rely on.

#3: Versatile collection

If you are impressed by all the popular edible cake toppers and want to choose one of those, at Edible Prints On Cake, you can definitely find the finest quality collection that too at an affordable price.

Now that you know how incredible birthday cake toppers are, they are surely the best choice you can have for your someone special’s birthday bash. For more details, visit:

Birthday Cake Topper – 4 Tips to Choose Right to Make Your Celebration Stand Out Posted on 26 Jun 03:10 , 0 comments

Is the party venue ready? Have the invitations been sent out? Is the menu locked? So, what else do you need to induce a rocking birthday bash? Well, it is the cake!  A birthday bash is not complete until the cake is cut. And with a delectable and attractive birthday cake topper, you can enhance your birthday cake decor and make it look the best.

It is all about defining your cake. With an attractive birthday cake topper, you can add beautiful detailing to it. Birthday calls for celebration and with a delicious cake, the vibes of celebration can notch up with ease. Rest assured nothing better than the cake toppers will add beauty to your birthday cake.  

Now the big question arises; what kind of cake topper should one choose considering there are so many kinds available. No doubt, it could turn out to be a daunting task. But, if you know what you exactly want, it won’t be a problem for you at all whereas, if you have no idea and completely relying upon the available options, it may pose confusion on your mind. The best is to carry a clear idea about the theme of your birthday party in order to get the apt cake for the occasion.

birthday cake topper

Here are some of the birthday cake topper ideas that you should consider:

#1. Personalized cake topper

When it comes to birthday cake topper, there is nothing better than the personalized cake topper idea. It will help you add personality to your cake and make it look special and awesome. The best part is you can make your vision a reality and have it just the way you want. A well designed personalized cake can indeed make a lot of difference. So, while you are all set to celebrate your birthday, do not ignore the thought of having a personalized cake. Rest assured it will induce a distinctive charm and leave everyone in awe.

#2. Safe to eat and healthy

Make sure to have a healthy birthday cake topper. It is important that you explore all your options well and then zero in on the one that truly can assure the safety standard. With innumerable choices available, there may be some difficulty in knowing the facts related to the cake ingredients; however, you can always rely on online stores like Edible Prints On Cake to deliver the safe to consume cake toppers.   

#3. Check versatile offerings

It is important to go for a platform that offers a huge variety of birthday cake toppers. With limited choices, you may not be able to know which one is the best. Thus, the key is to explore a platform that has a lot to offer. You will surely find the best and get a highly palatable addition to your celebration.

#4. Easy to use

An easy to use cake topper can always save time and energy. So, while looking for birthday cake toppers, you must look forward to having a simple process of usage so as to avoid a lengthy and elaborate method that may put you off.  

Now, you know how easily you can have the best birthday cake toppers. All you need to do is to take note of the above-mentioned pointers and follow it exactly to get the best toppers. Edible Prints On Cake come with an amazingly fascinating collection of cake toppers that you will simply love to have. Order now!


Birthday Cake Topper – The Easiest Tips to Have the Best! Posted on 12 Jun 03:09 , 0 comments

Birthdays are exceptionally special and they certainly fill a lot of joy and merriment in the air. Whether the birthday is of a little one or of an elderly individual, birthday calls for a big celebration in every which way. The first few things that come to mind about birthdays are food, cake, and decorations. There shouldn’t be any compromise in arranging the best of these things. When it comes to cake, it is the cake topper which makes it special and at Edible Prints On Cake, we offer wide-ranging cake toppers of various designs.  birthday cake topperHaving a personalized birthday cake topper will indeed add more to the occasion and with our offerings, there is no doubt that you will definitely have the most wonderful cake topper for your birthday. So, how do birthday cake toppers make birthday special and how should one pick it right?

Let’s find this out here:

Add personality to your cake

Personalized birthday cake toppers depict a unique picture. It basically adds more style and grandness to the cake and gives it a personality. With a personalized birthday cake topper, the birthday cake naturally looks magical, thoughtful, and delightful.

Choose right

With innumerable options available, it is important to make the right choice of birthday cake topper. Make sure that you do not settle for anything random and go with a precise and well-thought-out theme to make it look significant.

Trendy & relevant edible images for cakes

Edible images for cakes are a popular trend and a guide to having perfect edible images for cakes can truly prove to be helpful. It is not always about having trendy cake images. Rather it is about having a suitable kind. Yes, following trend is always the norm and there is nothing to go with the popular one, however having a specially designed cake image will definitely send out a clear message which is certainly worth having for an occasion as special as birthday.

Quality –proof materials

Birthday cake topper is one of the most desirable aspects of a cake. It is important to have them from the right place and that too in right materials for a safe use. Edible Prints On Cake is one of the best online store where you can find a huge collection of birthday cake toppers. Rest assured we provide quality-proof materials and can claim that they are absolutely safe to eat.

Budget-friendly selection

Finding an affordable collection may be your criteria but it should not precede the quality factor. Quality always is the priority thus; do not mistake overpowering the aspect of affordable over quality. Nevertheless, if you want to look for the combination of affordable rate and quality cake toppers, Edible Prints On can easily fulfil your needs and demands.

A versatile collection

Select your birthday cake topper from the collection that contains all kinds of different cake toppers. Exploration of a versatile cake topper will help you find the best. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide personalized birthday cake toppers in every latest theme that’s ruling the bakery world.

Take a thorough look at the collection and decide on the one that will truly attract your eyes and fill your tongue with a delightful taste. You will surely get an effortless birthday cake for your big day.


Paw Patrol Cupcake – Kid’s Favourite Choice for Birthdays Posted on 3 Nov 02:56 , 0 comments

When it comes to the occasion of birthdays, the mood for celebration automatically kicks in.  Needless to add, a birthday celebration without cake is unheard of. The best enhancements for cakes are the toppers which add a lot of allure to it. And at Edible Prints On Cake, we have the finest kinds of birthday cake topper available. 

Paw Patrol cupcakes are quite popular and hence in great demand to bring in the right flavour, hue and taste to the celebration.  No matter how much of a lavish spread of dishes are there in the party, but nothing can take away the limelight from the cake. 

It is indeed the birthday cake topper which accentuates the cake and becomes the highlight; therefore it becomes even more pertinent to pick the right kind. Paw patrol cupcakes are surely one of the most popular one and is often considered as a preferred type especially for the birthday celebration of the little girls. 

Paw Patrol Cupcake – Kid’s Favourite Choice for Birthdays

Check out how birthday cake topper plays a crucial role in infusing the perfect charm to a birthday party: 

  • 1) Guaranteed finesse - At Edible Prints On Cake, we have a wide range of birthday cake toppers and when it comes paw patrol cupcakes, there is none who could provide as good a design as we do. Our paw patrol cupcakes enjoy the attention of quite a large number of takers and that clearly states the finesse we add to the design.  The best part about having us on board for cakes is, we have the essential expertise and experience to design the birthday cake toppers and we indeed live up to the expectation. 
  • 2) Quality addition - Our paw patrol cupcakes are filled with incredible stuffs and can get you the design you want. It is the quality which has made us thrive and got us the recognition of the best providers for birthday cake toppers. So, when you choose us, rest assured that you have chosen the best.                                              
  • 3) Ultimate taste – Paw patrol cupcakes tastes amazingly delicious and that is one of the major reasons as to why it is so much loved among the kids and has acquired the tag of a preferred choice.                                                                                        
  • 4) Exquisitely appealing – A great quality about paw patrol birthday cake topper lies in its attractiveness. Whether you would like to have a particular character dominating the entire vision or you look to have the entire team of Paw Patrol in the cake design, we at Edible Prints On Cake can get it done right. Moreover Paw Patrol cupcake toppers draw a lot of attention for its excellent hues and interesting characterisation which as a cupcake topper gets marvellously highlighted. 
  • 5) Quality that justifies the cost – Indeed the allure of Paw Patrol birthday cake topper makes it a costly kind. But at Edible Prints On Cake, you can get the finest quality which can rightly rationalize the price it is known to be available for. You surely wouldn’t feel slightest discomfort at investing a sum for this highly delectable cake. Rest assured our quality is undeniable. 

Are you excited about your kid having a birthday cake topper in the form of Paw Patrol cupcakes? Edible Prints On Cake is indeed incredibly sumptuous! So hurry up and order now!



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